Philippines’ Role in Modern Israel

Before 1948, Jews have no country of their own and Israel did not exist since the Romans invaded the land in 70AD were the Jews finally expelled in their own land.  Jews take refuge in various countries across the globe.  Philippine was one of the chosen few countries to accept Jewish refugee and provided area to continue with their lives.  With their unique bond and religious ties, the Jews continue with their communication with the remains of their race no matter where they are. 

When the world start to recognized Israel’s existence on 1948 through

Manuel Roxas

United Nation, Philippine President then (Manuel Roxas) played a crucial role by instructing Carlos P. Romulo (Philippine Representative to the U.N.) to vote in favor of the independence of Israel inspite of pressures from many nations as many were against it during that time.   This I believed was written in Israel’s historical books.  That vote encourages other voting countries to not be afraid and use their concience for a fair vote.  It resulted to a

Carlos P. Romulo

majority vote in favor of Israel and it became the start of what Israel has become and accomplished till to this day.  

Israel has advance in many aspects since 1948.  Hope someday, Philippines will attain even some of the development Israel has accomplished.  Filipinos look forward to what God has promised Abraham… 


“…I will bless those who will bless you

and I will curse those who will curse you.“

(hope I said it right)

State of the Union 2010

I usually get bored with political speeches until I heard Obama.  I really like what he uttered on his inauguration and in Egypt where he bridge the gap between America and the Middle East.  But, I was not that impressed with his state of union.  Actually, I see no wrong to his speech.  It’s just that I could not connect his state of the union address to “American dream.”   Although Obama mentioned his High-Speed Rail vision and he may have pleased the environmentalist, ultimately this project fall short of what known 20th century American Presidents have accomplished.  Let me refresh you with some (some are not literally connected to State of the Union):

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Bombing of Tokyo Japan in retaliation to its invasion of Pearl Harbor, etc.) 

Harry Truman (First Atomic Bom, Creation of Central Intelligence Agency, etc.) 

Theodore Roosebelt  (The Construction of Panama Canal  – man made canal connecting Pacific and Atlantic Ocean)


Herbert Hoover (Construction of Hoover Dam to battle the great depression, etc.)


John F. Kenedy (Race to the moon, etc.)


Ronald Reagan (Star Wars Space Station, etc.)

Although Benjamin Franklin was not from the 20th Centrury, let me include him as his legacy paved the way why America became the land of the free.

I know this was just Obama’s first year as President and he still needs more time.  President Obama deserves the benefit of the doubt.  Nonetheless, I hope President Obama take into consideration the “American Dream” as it is the cornerstone why America is America today and is different from other countries of world. 

US President Barak Obama has so much achievement already for himself.  I won’t pretend to know it all but he seems to be in the news everyday since the US Presidential election.  Books written about him seem to sell like hotcakes and he even won the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize.  Only a number of presidents have this accomplishment (even world leaders).  I believed it will make Obama greater if he humbly follow the footsteps of the great American Presidents and   learn how they creatively face recessions and all sorts of war through inspiring extreme projects and impossible mission.  

Photo is excerpt from google images

We Are Into Rice Trade and Export

We Offer:

1. Philippine Rice

* Available only to local buyers due to recent government ruling.

2. Thai Rice

  • Long Grain White Rice 5-35% broken
  • Long Grain White Rice A1 Super Sortexed
  • Parboiled Rice 100% Sortexed
  • Hom Mali Rice
  • Pathumthani Frangrant Rice

3.  Vietnam Rice

  • Long Grain White Rice 5/10/15% broken
  • Fragrant Rice
  • Glutinous
  • Japanese Rice

4.  Pakistan Rice

  • Super Kernel Basmati Rice
  • 385 Basmati Rice
  • Blended Basmati Rice 386
  • Long Grain IRRI-9 Rice
  • Long Grain IRRI-6 White Rice 5/10/25% max
  • IRRI-9 Parboiled (Sella) Long Grain Rice
  • IRRI-6 Parboiled (Sella) Long Grain Rice
  • IRRI-6 Parboiled (Sella) Long Grain Rice

5.  Brazilian Rice

  • Long Grain White Rice
  • Parboiled Rice

6. Others (per buyer’s request/preference)


The minimum order we accept is 1 to 2 fcl/20ft container.  It holds 21 to 25 metric tons of rice.

Rice Milling Procedure

The basic goal of industrial rice milling is transforming paddy rice into white rice, while giving it a good appearance and selecting the best quality grain for human consumption.


Packing size is 2-5kgs. – material is Food Grade Plastic bag, option:  vacuum bag.

Packing size is 5-50kgs. – material is Single Polypropylene (PP).  Option: PE bag, Quality Guarantee Bag, Quality Guarantee Coin.

Rice is sold either in a truck load (140 sacks of 100kg each per truck) or in packs of 1, 5, and 15 kgs. Polyethylene bags are usually used for packing rice, on which the brand could be sealed. Pricing depends on the rice quality, which ranges from low to high.

Local Distribution
We intend to import as well for Singapore market. For such, we can avail of the services of local reputable logistics firms.

International Distribution
Exporting channels could either be in break bulk vessels or container vessels.

Container Vessels
Commonly used as a means to ship import and export goods internationally, container vessels provide a quick and convenient way to load and unload the packed rice. However, a container vessel could carry less weight and the shipping cost is more expensive than that of the break bulk vessels. The weight per container ranges from 23 (20′ container) to 27 (40′ container) metric tons. After transferring packed rice into a container, it is loaded on to the vessel’s deck.

Retail Sizes Available

Food Grade Plastic Bag

Net Weight : 5 kgs,2 kgs,1 kg,500 g, 10 lbs,and 5 lbs.

Double Bag PP+PE W/ Hand Carry

Net Weight : 5 kgs and 10 lbs


Wonderkeep is pioneered from the Oxygen Absorber that extracts the oxygen from the interior of a sealed plastic package in a sort period of time and the normal atmospheric oxygen level of 21% drops to less than 0.1 % With the elimination of as most all the oxygen in a package, the fresh of rice is maintained for a longer period. Preservation of freshness, nutrition of rice and keeps insect away. Wonderkeep are available for packing of 500g,1kg, 2kgs and 1LB, 2LB, 5 LB

Packing sizes and configurations can be customized to individual needs.

Our supplier/miller partner also mills and packed for buyers with their own blend requirements and specifications. We welcome long term partners who can take advantage of our quality processed rice, either using our house brands or the buyer’s brands.

Note: We have alternative suppliers of packing bag from China, for lesser cost.

Quality Control

Rice Inspection Certificate

All rice export is inspected prior to loading. Generally the inspection is done by independence surveyor ( SGS, etc) appointed by buyer/seller and according to the Ministry of Commerce regulation, the Rice Inspection Committee of Board of Trade of Thailand has been appointed to inspect all lots of Thai Rice Export.

General Inspection Checklist/Guide

  • Check job assignment details: Shipper, Commodities, Specification, Weight, Packing, Mark, Quantity, Vessel’s Name, Destination, Inspection date, etc.
  • The tare, gross and net weight of packaged rice is checked
  • Rice quality is checked before loading
  • Checked for worms, insects, foreign matter
  • Check the quality of rice commodity with sampling during rice packaging loading
  • Rice quality is checked at least 1 sample per containerized cargo.
  • Digital photos are taken during the course of inspection

Rice Weighing Inspection Checklist/Guide

  • The weighing scale is checked before packing with standardized weights
  • Tare weight of empty bags is checked
  • Random checking of gross weight is performed
  • Uniform weight is reported

Rice loading Inspection

  • The weigh scale is checked before packing with standard weight
  • Before loading into lighter, the inspector checks the condition of the lighter, including cleanliness, previous cargo, type of floor, overlaid with dunnage and suitable for fumigation
  • Before stuffing into container, the empty container is checked for cleanliness, dry, free of odour, free of Infestation, watertight, etc.
  • The quality of rice product is checked during loading. Report in Statement of Fact for rice loading, Physical analysis report and Finding for worms, insects, and foreign matter is performed

Sampling of rice cargo loading

  • The weigh scale is checked before packing with Standard Weight
  • Pre-Loading Samples are taken, packed and sealed before loading
  • Loading Samples are taken
  • Reference samples are taken
  • Lab Analysis samples are taken for physical and chemical analysis in the laboratory
  • Composite Sample mixing is taken for all samples of each day of loading

Rice Testing:

Rice quality is tested by using methods including

  • Grain composition
  • Rice defects
  • Types and grades of rice
  • Chemical tests
  • Determination of amylose content
  • Determination of moisture content
  • Determination of milling degree and milling period
  • Determination of the admixture of other non-glutinous rice varieties in Thai Hom Mali
  • Alkali test
  • Non radioactivity test
  • DNA test
  • GMO test
  • Aflatoxin B1&B2 and G1&G2
  • Pesticide residue

e-mail us directly at or at

for your request for quotation or questions.

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Obama speaks

State of the Nation Address 2010 (USA)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Google it!

Google is now the world’s most popular Internet search engine.  Google has both fame and fortune as it earned huge profits and given influence over the online world, since its foundation on 1998.   Because of the search engine as Google, the world became smaller and accessible in a matter of seconds.

Diabetes Signs and Symptoms:

The common symptoms are:

  • Polyuria (frequent urination)
  • Polydipsia (increased thirst)
  • Polyphagia (increased hunger).

For children with Type 1 diabetes, symptoms may develop quite rapidly in weeks or months.  For type 2 diabetes, symptoms are a bit slower or complete absent.  As to Type 1 diabetes, may also cause a rapid yet significant weight loss (despite normal or even increased eating) and irreducible mental fatigue. All of these symptoms except weight loss can also manifest in type 2 diabetes in patients whose diabetes is poorly controlled, although unexplained weight loss may be experienced at the onset of the disease. Final diagnosis is made by measuring the blood glucose concentration.  For accuracy in analysis, please consult your Doctor.

Conflicts between China and US are building up.

The cold war is over until it is over.  

It may have been over with US and Russia but conflict between US and China seems to start to build up.  This may sound like a Tom Clancy novel but the world seems to smell something out of Google’s announcement that they intend to pack-up in China in line with the recent attempt to hack their system.  Same with China’s pronouncement that they don’t need to learn from US with regards to internet.

Google underestimate possible loss if they pack-up in China.  But how important really is China to American economy, or perhaps the world?   As to gathered report, Kristin Forbes said, “China is the West’s greatest hope and greatest fear.”  Kristin was a former member of White House Council of Economic Advisers and one of hundreds of top officials and executives flocking to this winter resort for the annual World Economic Forum, which is taking place Wednesday through Sunday.  “No one was quite ready for how fast China has emerged,” said Ms. Forbes, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “Now everyone is trying to understand what sort of China they will be dealing with.” 

In the previous years, US dominate in spending.  These days, Chinese spending are being eyed as the key to global recovery.  China’s GDP could overtake that of the United States within a decade as per analysis of top economist.  And as speculated, China’s currency renminbi could start to challenge the dollar as the world’s reserve currency if the trend continues.  The renminbi, is frozen at an undervalued level, and Internet controls are stricter than ever — even as Google, one of America’s most prominent companies, threatens to leave.  The severe recession has fast-forwarded history, catapulting an unprepared world into a period of uneasy cohabitation between the United States, the No. 1 economy, and its eventual successor. 

US can no longer take for granted China as it is no longer emerging.  It has already emerged or risen up.

Toyota recall list:

According to Toyota, production of eight models at six North American assembly plants will be stoped for the week of Feb. 1.  The models represented 57 percent of Toyota’s 2009 US sales, according to the Wall Street Journal which represets some of America’s best-selling models( Camry and Corolla). 

Toyota Cars that have the problems (to be recalled or subject to a sales suspension):

• RAV4 (2009-10 models)

• Corolla (2009-10)

• Camry (2007-10)

• Matrix hatchback (2009-10)

• Avalon large sedan (2005-10)

• Highlander crossover (2010)

• Tundra pickup (2007-10)

• Sequoia large SUV (2008-10) 

The reason for recall is due to problems with gas pedal mechanisms that may cause the accelerator to get stuck, triggering sudden acceleration.  Toyota is considering a recall of 2 million cars in Europe, as well.

Photos are excerpt from google images

Steven Jobs (Steven Paul Jobs)

He is more popularly known as the co-founder and Chief Executive Office (CEO) of Apple Inc.  He is also a former CEO of Pixar Animation Studios.  

In my personal opinion, computer era will not be as it is today without Steven Jobs.  I thought he was an android until he undergoes a liver transplant on 2009.  Of course I was kidding. 

Steven Jobs pursue entrepreneurship when he co-founded Apple in the late 1970’s with Steve Wozniak, Mike Markkula and behind the scene partners.  They designed, developed and marketed some of the first personal computers, the Apple II series and later, the Macintosh.  It was a breakthrough.  Steve Jobs and his co-founders was totally unknown then as who would have expected that a Harvard dropout will change the course of history and turned themselves be as they are today. 

He was among the major players of “Pirates of Sylicon Valley.” 

He is a non-traditional out of the box person.  Although I don’t know him personally, his achievements and story tells it all.  One example was his vision on the viability of mouse-driven graphic user interface.  

Steve Jobs has previously resigned with Apple on 1985 after a power struggle with the board of directors.  He then founded NeXT (a computer platform development company specializing in the higher education and business markets).  NeXT was buyout by Apple Computer Inc and rehire Jobs back to the company he co-founded.  Since is serving Apple Inc. as CEO since 1997.  The rest is history. 

In 1986, Steve Jobs acquired the computer graphics division of Lucasfilm Ltd which later named Pixar Animation Studios.  It was acquired by Walt Disney on 2006, but he became a member of the Walt Disney Company’s Board of Directors. 

His legacy to the development of commercial computerized gadgets by helping to make it user friendly is unsurpassed till to this day.   He was among those who magnified Silicon Valley in the world map and help created its character image that resulted to a dawn of new generation of entrepreneurs.  Steve Jobs emphasis in the importance of design and eye for what is appealing to the user public makes him distinctive above the rest.  He did not just elevate his company status, but the standard of users as well.

Photos are excerpt from google images

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