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Size does matter in Cavendish Bananas



Davao Philippines’Cavendish Bananas is known deliciously sweet.

  • Philippine is now the 2nd Largest Exporter of Bananas in the world.
  • The majority of these shipments are destined for the growing regional markets of China, the Middle East and, to a lesser extent, Russia to satisfy their demand for fresh produce
  • Exports of Philippine bananas for the last quarter of this year are expected to rise following China’s lifting of restrictions on Philippine exports early this month.
  • Below are the 15 countries that accounted for the highest dollar value worth of bananas exported from the Philippines during 2015:
  1. Japan: US$176.9 million (40.2% of total bananas imports)
  2. China: $109.2 million (24.8%)
  3. South Korea: $51.6 million (11.7%)
  4. Iran: $33.8 million (7.7%)
  5. United Arab Emirates: $19.2 million (4.4%)
  6. Saudi Arabia: $12.9 million (2.9%)
  7. Kuwait: $8.7 million (2%)
  8. New Zealand: $6.5 million (1.5%)
  9. Hong Kong: $5.2 million (1.2%)
  10. Singapore: $5.1 million (1.2%)
  11. Malaysia: $2.3 million (0.5%)
  12. Taiwan: $2.1 million (0.5%)
  13. North Korea: $1.7 million (0.4%)
  14. Bahrain: $1.1 million (0.2%)
  15. Qatar: $912,000 (0.2%)
  • Among the above countries, the fastest-growing consumers of Philippine bananas exports since 2011 were: Bahrain (up 822.2% in value), Saudi Arabia (up 638.1%), Malaysia (up 312.3%) and Kuwait (up 195.4%).Production system ranges from backyard to highly integrated operation with the latter catering to the export market.
  • Weak demand in the EU.
  • Total import of fruit by the Philippines from 2008 till 2013. The highest volume of imports occurred in 2012 reaching 240,477MT while the lowest was in 2008 to 187,265MT. The average annual growth rate was 3.68% during this time period.
  • Philippine farms produced a total of 8.65m tonnes of bananas valued at P117.15bn ($2.6bn) in 2013, down from a peak of 9.23m tonnes worth P108.13bn ($2.4bn) the previous year, according to PSA data. Concerted efforts over the past two decades to expand banana production have led to the commodity becoming the country’s most valuable crop as well as its most profitable agricultural export.
  • The past years, the yield dramatically been reduced due to destruction brought about by the strong typhoons that hit the country particularly the major producing areas in Mindanao. Another calamity was the most recent “El Nino.”  Nevertheless, these are not typical and Mindanao is not a typhoon belt.
  • Overall, the average annual growth rate was 0.26% and 16%, respectively for production and area for the six-year time period.
  • The farms are generally small in size (1-5 ha) with minimal care resulting to low yield.
  • Big farms are typically managed by Cooperatives, Organizations and Investment Companies














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Gmail now has phone feature

Steven Spielberg hasn’t thought about it before he filmed E.T.  The Extra Terrestrial.  If it were shown today, E.T. could have use Gmail as it now has phone call feature for its users.  An alien technology is now a fact:  Phone calls are now available at Gmail as officially declared by Google.  Once a 404 in cyber space is now made possible by Google, to simplify the approach in calling through a computer.  This technology has unified Gmail and Google’s Voice Technology.

Seriously, the users can simply check the box next to Google Chat in their list of forwarding phones and the next time someone calls their Google Voice number, to get started.   Gmail will notify them of an incoming call.

Furthermore, Gmail users can link their Google Voice accounts with their Gmail.  It was assured to be normal as always.  And it will ring when someone is calling the Google Voice numbers.  At the same time, number will appear on the incoming call screen.  The international calls will be funded by Google Voice account yet isn’t required to use the service of such.  Calls to phone numbers in the U.S. and Canada will be free, and will cost 2 cents a minute to several other countries such as France and the U.K.   Another good news is that Google has no plans to raise rates beyond 2010.  Yet it will cost a little more to call mobile phones in countries outside the U.S.

Isn’t it great?  Nonetheless, it is still under testing per reported by a known Tech site.

Gmail users can expect a healthy competition with Skype, as the most well-known VoIP provider in the world to date.  Google Apps customers should not expect for this feature yet, but there is a possibility in the near future.  Who knows, a business-friendly version of this technology would soon be introduce!

Please be well informed that the service won’t be available on mobile devices at the moment.

Make no wild assumptions; Google is not aspiring in making this feature available through either mobile browser or an Android application as reiterated by Eric Schmidt, Google CEO.

In the contrary, there is a plan to install free Google Voice phone booths in public and crowded areas around the U.S. as terminals, airports and universities and shopping malls.

Check your  Gmail now and experience it yourself.

Bloom Box = Energy Breakthrough

If you didn’t know it yet, there is an energy breakthrough that may soon become the next big thing.  It is called the Bloom Box.  As per gathered information, over around 100 start-ups from Silicon Valley are said to be working on it.  One of them is Bloom Energy.  This is literally rocket science but the wiz from Silicon Valley is turning the idea into something user friendly.  To cut the crop, the Bloom Box is described as “a little power plant- in-a-box.  It is being develop so anyone can have his own power plant in the convenince of his/her own backyard.  As mentioned, the Bloom Boxes will generate electricity to empower home and it will be wireless. It is intentionally to replace big power plant.  A Bloom Box can literally power an average American home. In the contrary, it can power four to six (4-6) average homes from either Asia or India.  Average American homes uses more power than those from Asia and India.  Isn’t it great?  It ain’t a dream, it’s perfectly real! 

Earlier I said “rocket science” because the man behind (K.R. Sridhar) invented the same for NASA, a few years ago.  He is confident because that thing works.  Better than that, it can produce oxygen. 

This was supposed to be for NASA’s Mars mission but it was scrapped.  Who would have thought that this invention could make people live on Mars, as guaranteed by Sridhar?  Previously, such are only seen on movies.   Sridhar made a breakthrough by inventing a new kind fuel cell, which is like a very skinny battery that always runs. Sridhar feeds oxygen to it on one side, and fuel on the other. The two combine within the cell to create a chemical reaction that produces electricity. There’s no need for burning or combustion, and no need for power lines from an outside source.   Wow!!! 

Sridhar did not loose hope.  Instead of shelving the idea, he managed to get a meeting with John Doerr from the big Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins on October 2001.  Doerr believed in Sridhar’s proposal and the rest is history.  For those who didn’t know Doerr, he is man behind the discovery of Netscape, Amazon and Google.   When he listened to Sridhar, the idea seemed just as transformative: efficient, inexpensive, clean energy out of a box. 

A question was raised if Bloom Box is a threat to utility companies.  Doerr confidently say, “No, I think the utility companies will see this as a solution,” Doerr said. “All they need to do is buy Bloom boxes, put them in the substation for the neighborhood and sell that electricity and operate.”  It was also mentioned that Bloom Box system can use fossil fuels like natural gas. Its system can use renewable fuels like landfill gas, bio-gas, and can use solar.”

To prove of its worth and reliability, Doerr bragged that they already has customers. Twenty large, well-known companies have quietly bought and are testing Bloom boxes in California.   As told, they were at their customer’s hub in Oakland the day Bloom installed their boxes, each one costing $700-800,000.  One perfect reason why companies tried, it is because 20 percent of the cost is subsidized by the state, and there’s a 30 percent federal tax break because it’s a “green” technology.   In layman’s terms… around 50% off.  Some of the companies are:  FedEx, Wallmart, eBay, Google, etc.  

There were reports that eBay have already saved the company more than $100,000 in electricity costs since they bought Bloom Box for their firm.  Former Secretary of State Colin Powell himself testified that Bloom Box works.  He is currently one of the Board of Directors.  As to gathered reports, Mr. Powell do not believed that this will be the messiah to ongoing global power problem.  Istead, he reiterated that he believe it will have its significant contribution.

The people behind is aming that Bloom Box would be in every home in five to ten years. 

The world is excited of the Bloom Box.

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Google it!

Google is now the world’s most popular Internet search engine.  Google has both fame and fortune as it earned huge profits and given influence over the online world, since its foundation on 1998.   Because of the search engine as Google, the world became smaller and accessible in a matter of seconds.

Conflicts between China and US are building up.

The cold war is over until it is over.  

It may have been over with US and Russia but conflict between US and China seems to start to build up.  This may sound like a Tom Clancy novel but the world seems to smell something out of Google’s announcement that they intend to pack-up in China in line with the recent attempt to hack their system.  Same with China’s pronouncement that they don’t need to learn from US with regards to internet.

Google underestimate possible loss if they pack-up in China.  But how important really is China to American economy, or perhaps the world?   As to gathered report, Kristin Forbes said, “China is the West’s greatest hope and greatest fear.”  Kristin was a former member of White House Council of Economic Advisers and one of hundreds of top officials and executives flocking to this winter resort for the annual World Economic Forum, which is taking place Wednesday through Sunday.  “No one was quite ready for how fast China has emerged,” said Ms. Forbes, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “Now everyone is trying to understand what sort of China they will be dealing with.” 

In the previous years, US dominate in spending.  These days, Chinese spending are being eyed as the key to global recovery.  China’s GDP could overtake that of the United States within a decade as per analysis of top economist.  And as speculated, China’s currency renminbi could start to challenge the dollar as the world’s reserve currency if the trend continues.  The renminbi, is frozen at an undervalued level, and Internet controls are stricter than ever — even as Google, one of America’s most prominent companies, threatens to leave.  The severe recession has fast-forwarded history, catapulting an unprepared world into a period of uneasy cohabitation between the United States, the No. 1 economy, and its eventual successor. 

US can no longer take for granted China as it is no longer emerging.  It has already emerged or risen up.

Google China Aftershock

The unveiling of Google mobile phones in China was postponed, obviously due to the ongoing tension.   

As per previous report, Google China is to be shut down if China continues to require censorship.  The threat came last week after Google exposed the hacking attempt to steal software coding and the e-mail accounts of human rights activists protesting Chinese policies. 

If the Google China is shut down and the distribution of its services is to be stop, it could cut off the world’s most populous country from Google through any kind of computer or phone.  This will surely hurt both Google and China market as the newly resealed Android devices are expected to attract more surfers to Google search engines and YouTube (now owned by Google) in the next decade.  China is already the world’s largest mobile phone market, with more than 700 million accounts, and its rapidly growing economy is providing more people with the means to buy the latest gadgets. “It’s a high-stakes poker game for both sides,” said Michael Grossi, director of Altman Vilandrie & Co., a telecommunications consultant). On the contrary, the showdown hasn’t hurt Google’s stock much so far. It gained $7.62 Tuesday to close at $587.62, just $3 less than its value when Google publicly challenged China. 

The aftershock could also deprive China’s people and businesses of other technology unless the parties agreed to resolve their rift over online censorship and security. 

Expert analyst Charles Golvin fined it logical for Google to hold back the selling of Android-powered phones to Asian countries as it doesn’t make sense to sell the devices in a market where key services might be restricted or unavailable.  Phone manufacturer as Motorola and Samsung also uses the Android operating system created by Google to steer people to its search engine and other services.   China Unicom Ltd. was supposed to be the carrier.  

Let’s see what happen next.  The absence of Google’s services in China may result to diversion of some sort of marketing channel.  Nonetheless, a number of Android devices have already made it to China market as Galaxy by Samsung. That phone will remain on sale.  Only this month that Nexus One was unvailed by Google.   But that device is only available in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong.  There’s no indication when Google will sell it in China or elsewhere. 

There statement mentioned by Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said at a regular news briefing.  “Foreign enterprises in China need to adhere to China’s laws and regulations, respect the interests of the general public and cultural traditions and shoulder corresponding responsibilities,” “Google is no exception.” 

China strictly prohibits computer hacking in any form.

But with all the buzz, Google remains optimistic that all these will be resolve soon.   

Google China – Shut Down or Shut Up

Google’s threat to shut down its operation in China is something to watch for.  This ain’t easy as it could lead into something more likely a Tom Clancy novel.  The outcoume of Google’s decision will not just reflect its reputation but the image of the entire America and its integrity in doing what has to be done. 

For the information of those are not aware, there were hack attacks on Google’s server recently.  Experperts believed that the attacks was something related to China’s interest on the security of information stored on Google’s server, primarily in the identity of some Chinese human rights activist and other potential targets using gmail.  


“We are not going to make a financially based decision to stay in a market that is intolerable for us,” David Drummond, Google’s chief legal officer, said this week.   And he denied that a public relation was a factor.   “This wasn’t a question of P.R.,” he said.   “It was a question of trying to do the right thing.”


On the investment aspect, Wall Street was worried on the possible financial setback if Google shut its search engine down in China.  Primary because shares dropped nearly 3 percent the day after Google announced the possible shut down.  On the contrary, analysts believed that Google’s may suffer but not likely to be felt for years.   

Not all are sceptical about this matter and some even praised Google.  Although no final decision is done yet, the world has already aplauded to Google’s courageus statement.  Whatever the decision and the outcome, the world can read between the lines. 

Google Nexus One we sell



We Offer Nexus One

– Wholesale Only –

Minimum Quantity Offer (MOQ) – 20 pcs


Type of 3G mobile phones, smart phones, camera phones

Mobile phone standard GSM, WCDMA

Support band GSM 850/900/1800/1900

WCDMA 900/2100MHz

Data Transfer GPRS, EDGE, HSPA

AMOLED Screen Material

16 million color screen color

The main screen size 3.7 inches

The main screen parameters 480 × 800 pixels

Touch Screen Capacitive Touch Screen

Operating system, Android OS v2.1

CPU Type Snapdragon (high pass) QSD8250

CPU frequency 1GHz

3D acceleration support

Body Memory 512MB ROM +512 MB RAM

Memory Card MicroSD Card

Extended Capacity 32GB

Standard lithium battery, power adapter, headset, data cable, user manual, 4G expansion card,

Product appearance

Designs Monoblock

Body color black, brown

Product Size 119 × 59.8 × 11.5mm

Full QWERTY keyboard, a virtual QWERTY keyboard,

Products Antenna Built-in


LED flash timer parameter correction

Built-in camera

5 million pixel camera pixels

AF Support

Shooting scene to support

Photo Effects support

Continuous function support

Video capture support


Radio Java features recording function E-book

Formats such as video playback support MP4/3GP/AVC/AVI/MPEG-4

Music player supports MP3/AAC/AAC + / AMR / WMA / WAV and other formats

Graphics Format Support JPEG / EXIF format, such as


Flash function support FLASH Player 10.1

Data Function


Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.0 + A2DP

3.5mm headphone jack

Price and other details may be inquired via e-mail at

Delivery via FedEx, DHL, UPS and the like

We accept payment via Paypal, Western Money Union or T/T

We require 30% advance down payment

Buyers may buy samples for testing.

Hurry while supply last!

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