Steven Jobs (Steven Paul Jobs)

He is more popularly known as the co-founder and Chief Executive Office (CEO) of Apple Inc.  He is also a former CEO of Pixar Animation Studios.  

In my personal opinion, computer era will not be as it is today without Steven Jobs.  I thought he was an android until he undergoes a liver transplant on 2009.  Of course I was kidding. 

Steven Jobs pursue entrepreneurship when he co-founded Apple in the late 1970’s with Steve Wozniak, Mike Markkula and behind the scene partners.  They designed, developed and marketed some of the first personal computers, the Apple II series and later, the Macintosh.  It was a breakthrough.  Steve Jobs and his co-founders was totally unknown then as who would have expected that a Harvard dropout will change the course of history and turned themselves be as they are today. 

He was among the major players of “Pirates of Sylicon Valley.” 

He is a non-traditional out of the box person.  Although I don’t know him personally, his achievements and story tells it all.  One example was his vision on the viability of mouse-driven graphic user interface.  

Steve Jobs has previously resigned with Apple on 1985 after a power struggle with the board of directors.  He then founded NeXT (a computer platform development company specializing in the higher education and business markets).  NeXT was buyout by Apple Computer Inc and rehire Jobs back to the company he co-founded.  Since is serving Apple Inc. as CEO since 1997.  The rest is history. 

In 1986, Steve Jobs acquired the computer graphics division of Lucasfilm Ltd which later named Pixar Animation Studios.  It was acquired by Walt Disney on 2006, but he became a member of the Walt Disney Company’s Board of Directors. 

His legacy to the development of commercial computerized gadgets by helping to make it user friendly is unsurpassed till to this day.   He was among those who magnified Silicon Valley in the world map and help created its character image that resulted to a dawn of new generation of entrepreneurs.  Steve Jobs emphasis in the importance of design and eye for what is appealing to the user public makes him distinctive above the rest.  He did not just elevate his company status, but the standard of users as well.

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Oracle Intends to hire 2,000 Sales and Engineering Employees

Oracle Corporation, more known as Software maker (ORCL.O), is closing in its $7 billion acquisition of computer maker Sun Microsystems Inc (JAVA.O).  With this development sprouted plans to hire 2,000 sales and engineering employees, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday. 

Reports show that Oracle seems to focus on selling computer systems that combine hardware and software in the next year.   No comment so far was announced by Oracle’s spokes woman, in line with the unveiling strategy.

The Mystery Behind Mona Liza’s Eyebrows

Thanks to modern technology, a 240 megapixel camera has somehow resolved the mystery behind Mona Lisa’s eyebrows. Leonardo Da Vinci’s renowned painting, the Mona Liza was examined a French art expert named, “Pascal Cotte.” Through a technical analysis of the photo, it was found out that Leonardo construct the painting in layers, of which the last core is a special glaze whose optical properties increased the illusion of a three-dimensional face. The eyebrow was painted in details above the glaze. Cotte said: “That could explain why the eyebrows have disappeared – they have faded because of chemical reactions or they have been cleaned off.”   The 240 camera megapixel camera measured the light so sensitively.  With that, it can penetrate with clarity the host of secrets about Mona Lisa from top paints down to other covered layers.

Mr. Cotte mentioned that the Mona Lisa looked “totally different” 500 years ago. Below were his examples:

• Infra-red imaging shows Leonardo moved the position of a finger on the left hand “to give a more relaxed position, consistent with the smile.”

• It had a blue sky and the subject’s skin had not yellowed.

• The underlying layers of the face – painted using lead white and mercury vermillion – also show it was wider than the end result appears.

• The smile, the glance, the face were all wider.

• On top of the base layers the artist added a glazed shadowing layer to create a three dimensional effect.

“I do not say that he was successful, in reproducing a stereo-vision effect, but if you want to achieve that this is the best way to do it,” said Cotte. “But now it looks totally different to how he painted it. All the optical effects have disappeared.”

He said that for Leonardo the Mona Lisa was “more than a painting, it was a challenge to reproduce real life”.

Cotte’s work is explained in an exhibition, The Secrets of the Mona Lisa that opens at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

Facebook have eaten Friendster alive


I could not believe until I read it myself that Friendster (popular social networking site) is for sale already).  This is according to banker documents obtained by TechCrunch. One of the earliest social networks, the company has been haunted by younger rivals, starting with MySpace, which became more popular in the US earlier this decade.  Details of the story may followed through a link below: