Nexus One of a kind

Finally, Google unveils Nexus One!

  • 5 megapixel camera
  • Snapdragon version of the ARM chip, from Qualcomm
  • Android 2.1
  • big OLED display, no pullout keyboard
  • Hero style trackball “mouse”
  • 4 GB microSD chip provided as standard
  • Pretty obvious that we all want Nexus One.   I’ll be a hypocrite if I say I don’t desire it. 

    Hope Google spare me one to promote it with credibility. 🙂  Of course you credibly promote something you yourself tested it first hand.

    Earthquake in Solomon Islands

    Part of Solomon Islands suffered from a series of powerful earthquakes last Monday that resulted to a tsunami that measured up to 10 feet (3 metres) high.  One village was reported damaged and somehow flattened.  There were tremors and after-shocks but the strongest of which measured 7.2 on the Richter scale.

    The epicentre of the earthquakes is from a remote island.  One earthquake sent a tsunami crashing into the shores of Rendova Island and nearby Tetepare Island about 9:30 a.m. local time on Monday. Eight other quakes greater than magnitude 5.0 have rocked the region since.

    According to Loti Yates (Disaster Management Official), at least 16 houses were destroyed and 32 damaged in Baniata village on Rendova, an island around 190 miles (300 km) from the capital Honiara, where around 3,600 people live.

    Wealth behind Moringa Tree

    If you can read between the lines, you will notice that 2010 and beyond is really the Asian Century.   It’s not a coincidence that the tallest building is now in Dubai, earlier in Taiwan and Malaysia.  Same with Manny Pacquiao and other Asian competitor, they seem to open the curtain for Asia to be recognized again.  

    If you are that observant, many industrialized countries these days are silently buying vast agricultural lands in many parts of South East Asia like the Philippines.  I my self could not believe how large from the farm land areas and properties are already in the hands of foreigners from USA, Europe and the Middle East.  The threat of global warming is eminent and it will surely affect global food supply.  This is the obvious reason why they are preparing.  And if you are into investing, you should now consider agriculture before others overtake you.   If you are that observant, global trade is now pointing to organic and people are getting concious of the products they buy especially on food.  Even Coca Cola and Pepsi and large food multinationals are already investing on agricultural products as coconut, etc.  

    If you already heard, Moringa is now being eyed by many as one of the best source of organic products from alternative fuel (biofuel), organic food products (both for human and animal consumption), cosmetics ingredients, best for malnutrition control, etc.  Scientist is calling it, the wonder tree.  Come to think of it, moring (or “malungay” in the Philippines) is easily grown in the Philippines and can be planted almost anywhere and by anyone.  Many do not know it yet but moringa is anticipatedly be indemand in the next couple of months and years, per study made by American scientist.  They made a conclusion that moringa is better than jatropa and other organic raw materials. Proof of its worth is the two big moringa processing plants being established by American and Europeans somewehre in Mindanao and the Visayas (Part of Philippines).   More of its benefits via youtube link below:


    The demands of moringa are getting bigger and bigger every day.  But I noticed the need for product development is somehow lacking.  In this regard, I conceptualized a business plan that is focus on moringa research and development, in collaboration with a contact college dean and consultants.   I believe that this facility is necessary to further develop products being sought both in the global market.  My inspiration is the International Rice Research Institute which is also located in the Philippines.  With my involvement and desire to continually serve the poor and my being involve with various NGO (Sight and Life Switzerland, World Bank, etc.), I was able to develop a credible business plan proposal.  If the facility is to be funded and be established, hunger control programs by various global NGO will be supported on a cost-effective manner. 

    Hope Sight and Life Switzerland and/or United Nations and and the like will notice or support us.  I am very much willing to be in partnership with them on their advocacies.

    The business plan proposal is available upon request to investor/s.  I could be reached through my direct e-mail   

    Below is the business concept for those may be interested: 

    What we will offer?

    We intend to study further moringa products for development and research and trade

    Products as healthy option:                                                                                                      

    • Powderized
    • Moringa granule/cube seasoning                                                                              
    • (concentrated moringa)
    • Textured vegetable meat
    • Vitamin and oother medicinal derivatives
    • Moringa blend beverages
    • Cosmetics ingredients
    • Moringa Oil


    • Promote the use of moringa as healthful option for rural and urban living
    • Provide ways to reduce poverty
    • Develop environmental awareness and contribute to greener earth


    The Philippine Moringa providing the world’s need for organic food, medicines, and making a greener Earth.


    Concern for national and global issues related to hunger, poverty and environmental problems. 


     “Invention is the mother of necessity.”   Thorstein Veblen

    Core Competencies.

    • This firm will be the first in the Philippines and in South East Asia.
    • Our pilot projects are the missing link to moringa product trade.
    • Moringa are common in the Philippines and are easily planted.
    • I expect government support as this business will create jobs and livelihood opportunities.
    • Our research effort and anticipated discoveries will surely create jobs and open opportunities for more business to be open. 
    • Our recommended location are both better area for scientist and farm observatory due to its environmental benefits (cool climate and fertile soil along Tagaytay, Philippines).  We are also considering other options as Davao, Palawan, Bicol, etc.
    • There are 2 big moringa processing plant now being built at Mindanao.  Philippines have increasing supply of moringa harvest due to continuous encouragement by government.
    • What will differentiate us from the rest is our intention to hire foreign scientists/experts on moringa.  We also intend to seek support from the likes of Sight and Life Switzerland, United Nations, Word Food Program, and other global NGO. 


     Moringa base products:

    • Food (human & animal consumption)
    • Cosmetics ingredients
    • Industrial raw materials as Biofuel
    • Others

     Benefits from Moringa:


    • Human Food
    • Medicine


    • Edible Oil
    • Cosmetics and Skin care raw materials
    • Perfume
    • Oil lubricants
    • Water purifier
    • Animal Feeds
    • Fertilizer
    • Medicine


    • Human Food / Cooking Ingredients
    • Natural Fertilizer
    • Medicine
    • Domestic Cleaning Agent


    • Medicine
    • Health Drink

     Roots, Bark and Gum

    • Medicine
    • Alley cropping
    • There’s more

     Many scientists call it a miracle tree because of its wondrous benefits. Locally, Filipinos calls as “Malunggay.” Other nationalities called it Horseradish and Drumstick.  It has higher oil content of 40% compared to other source.  It has one of the most nutritious sources of food raw materials known to men.

     Target Market.

    Local Customer:

    • Moringa Processing Plant
    • Local pharmaceutical companies
    • Moringa products Manufacturing
    • Other Industry requiring research
    • Publication Industry
    • NGO
    • Concerned Government Agency

     International Customer:

    • Global NGO facilitating moringa requirement to other countries
    • Moringa Oil importer in US and other industrialized countries

     Note: The proponent intends to supply moringa products in the near future, in partnership with local cooperatives and suppliers of moringa products, in collaboration with its partner trading firm, “Sembawang Trading.”

     Market Trends.

    According to global trends and studies made, these sectors have high demands:

    ·      Food consumption

    ·      Processing High-end

    ·      Cosmetics

    ·      Biofuel 

    EU is growing at a CAGR of 7.3% and US at 3.5% over 2003-2006 consumption/processing period.   

     USA domestic production capacity necessitates increased Market Overview imports.  Prices per liter for comparable oils higher than expected price of Moringa.  Gap being formed for vegetable oils in this market due to shift to biodiesel

    Competitive Differentiation.

    As to moringa research firms in the Philippines and abroad, the treat is minimal because the competition is not that stiff and only few are on this line.

     The proponent is planning to get the services of SAP for a cost effective systems and procedure in its adherence to high standard. 

    Intellectual Property Strategy.

    This firm will register its products/ services ability for copyright.

    Management Team.

    The team to be formed will surely be globally competitive as it will be a fusion of intellectuals in agri-research and collaboration between different nationals and cultures. 

    Immediate Requirement:

    We are in need of Funding and Investment

    More details at full Business Plan upon request at

    You need not release a lot of money for investment on this, but better if you can be our partner in acquiring a farm for moringa and build environmental friendly office-laboratory facility.  All we need at the moment is to start the business (later, investors will be approached):

    I only need miminimal investment.  Please check below box portion for your choice:  US$300             Enough to pay for the business registration and related initial documentation requirement  US$500             Business registration inclusive of communication facility broad band/internet usage fee inclusive of electrical charges.  (6 months use only).   US$800            2nd choice  plus existing used PC  upgradeUS$1,300         All of the first 3 choices plus 3 months rental of small office space plus refurbish office furniture and minor improvements (Better if you will grant us funds for a bigger office near the business district North EDSA Quezon City with space for workshop, installation and maintenance area.  Much better to have your products on display outside the office premises fronting the highway and SM Mall – these mean bigger investment and/or capital).US$1,500         Can acquire a fascimille/fax machine and own telephone line plus the first four choices

    Others              Please specify how much you prefer to support or in other way you prefer:




    Target location for the farm and office-laboratory facility is at Tagaytay Philippines (not that far from International Rice Research Institute and University of the Philippines Los Banos Laguna.

    This will not just create jobs and help in the organic industry, it will control hunger problem especially in Africa and other poor countries of the world.

    Note:  We intend to build office-laboratory made of used container van.  Actual floor plan lay-out is available upon request.