Religious Freedom Day 16January

Religious Freedom Day
Each year, the President declares January 16th to be Religious Freedom Day, …


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 Jupiter Images
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 2Cool Animations
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 Shawn’s Clipart and Webateria
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 Andrew’s GraphXKingdom
The Graphxkingdom is home to thousands of clipart, icons, backgrounds, bars, interfaces, and other cool, free graphics.
Offers clipart images and web elements.
Clipart Connection
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Absolutely Free Clipart
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 Clipart Site
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 Animation Central
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Celtic clip art and more.
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Free graphic images here.
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Free clip art site focusing on the graduation event.
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 Grandmother’s Trunk
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 Web Spice
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Google China – Shut Down or Shut Up

Google’s threat to shut down its operation in China is something to watch for.  This ain’t easy as it could lead into something more likely a Tom Clancy novel.  The outcoume of Google’s decision will not just reflect its reputation but the image of the entire America and its integrity in doing what has to be done. 

For the information of those are not aware, there were hack attacks on Google’s server recently.  Experperts believed that the attacks was something related to China’s interest on the security of information stored on Google’s server, primarily in the identity of some Chinese human rights activist and other potential targets using gmail.  


“We are not going to make a financially based decision to stay in a market that is intolerable for us,” David Drummond, Google’s chief legal officer, said this week.   And he denied that a public relation was a factor.   “This wasn’t a question of P.R.,” he said.   “It was a question of trying to do the right thing.”


On the investment aspect, Wall Street was worried on the possible financial setback if Google shut its search engine down in China.  Primary because shares dropped nearly 3 percent the day after Google announced the possible shut down.  On the contrary, analysts believed that Google’s may suffer but not likely to be felt for years.   

Not all are sceptical about this matter and some even praised Google.  Although no final decision is done yet, the world has already aplauded to Google’s courageus statement.  Whatever the decision and the outcome, the world can read between the lines. 

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