Children’s Church Empowerment

I was able to support a number of less fortunate Christian Churches through Free Practical Vacation Manuals and it was well requested from North to South (Philippines), from rural and urban areas and to far location I could not believe I can reach out.  Below are just some photos as I  cannot upload it all:

I myself could not believe that my offered materials were requested even to as far as Zimbabwe, Oman, Taiwan, Israel, USA (missionaries to Vietnam and Philippines), and other countries.

It’s just not teacher’s manuals are not enough.  I desire to empower the workers and volunteers with ready tool box equip with school supplies and stocks of needed basic materials priority Philippines, as follows: boxes of pencils, crayons, chalk, portable block board, art/craft papers, scissors, boards, pens, coloring books, notebooks, attendance record notebook, first aid kit, Children’s Bibles, etc.

We seek donors or grantors… we can give the mailing address of the church or you can allow us to purchase the items and we will just deliver the kits to them via local courier.  You may donate either through Paypal or or Western Union or though TT Bank to Bank.

I am personally in support of Christian projects though Children and Youth Ministry since 1986 and continue to support till to this day.  We will email donors with scanned photos of the donated items with receipts.

Below is one of the free latest materials I offered for free:

Below was the 2011 offer:

Below is the up coming offer (for Youth):

Authentic Wooden and Organic Furniture from Philippines

Other High End and Classic Furniture are also found in the Philippines with a price lower than you can find in many countries

There’s more.

Below are a Exclusive and only distributed by Kenneth Cobonpue.

But if in any case you want a type of such design at a cheaper price, we can help.

We don’t claim originality to the photos and design.

Simple Craft and Livelihood Ideas in anticipation of Christmas buying Season

Simple Money Earning Ideas That Can Be Ask to Produce in the Philippines for a Cheap Grant or Down Payment

There’s more.  We accept other designs.

We do not claim originality to the images.  Photos are excerpt from Google images.

Republic Plaza Singapore – Superb Inside Out

If I will be given a chance to visit again Singapore, I will not be contented f I will not see Republic Plaza.  I first tour Singapore 2005.   I basically maximize my time then but among the places that’s been amusing to me was when my went to Raffles Place where my brother works.  I went to so many buildings but one thing that struct me inside out is again I will say Republic Plaza.  I took some pictures then but only its exterior perspective as I don’t know if I will be permitted to takes shots inside.  The visit was very brief so I only entered lobbies and few floors.  I can say that

almost everything was quite impressive from structural frame work to  interior lay-out to elevator speed and tenants’ offices design.  I visit again last December 2011 but I was not lucky to enter because it was Sunday.  If given the chance and permission including sponsorship, I would like to revisit how the building has evolve and improve over the years and I want to wrote articles about it.

Per my last trip, I also noticed that a number of new buildings and areas near raffles and Marina were developed.

Hope in the near future, I will get a chance and invitation to explore other buildings and developments not just in Singapore but also in Dubai, Qatar, other Middle East Countries, USA, Canada, China, European countries and the Asia Pacific including Australia and New Zealand.

Used Farm Heavy Equipment We Offer from USA

There’s more!  

If you are interested, you can email me directly at

We also offer other Used Heavy equipment:

 Other Farm Heavy Equipment

Trucks and Trailers

Forestry Heavy Equipment

Construction Heavy Equipment

Material Handling

Garden Equipment

We will Provide Pricelist, Specification, Model, Make and other details upon request including payment terms, brand, category and origin country