Aug 24 is “Kalamay Fiesta” in San Leonardo Nueva Ecija (Sticky Rice Cake)

Kalamay Lansong

One of “Kalamay” variety (sticky rice cake) is “Kalamay Sunsong.” Awesome festivity in my parents hometown.

Kalamay cooking process - large pan we call talyase

Procedure is a bit old fashioned and physically exhausting

Kalamay sunsong with latik or cooked coconut oil as topings

Finish product is somehow fulfilling and delicious.

Most cut them to pieces for easy swallowing.

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Service Oriented Church in Tagaytay City Philippines for Foreigners and Locals

When a person is down in the world, an ounce of help is better than a pound of preaching.
-Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton




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This writer to this blog is actually a part of a small international church in Tagaytay City Philippines, International Christian Fellowship.  Instead of joining a well facilitated church with extravagant facilities and building, he rather join a simple service oriented church that could not even pay for a nice facility but has a big heart in serving its few attendees. Among them are Foreign and Local Senior citizen, Cancer patients, poor member, children of all walks of like, and other people in the community (e.g. with weekly service at Drug Rehabilitation Institution, Policemen, Firemen, Special Children, etc.)

IMG_0103 IMG_0199 IMG_0098 IMG_1249 WP_000838 WP_000740 WP_000743 tn 293088_405589572841534_816817089_n IMG_2234


For request, support and inquiry, anyone can attend or communicate directly to ICFT…

Nature Iodine rich Seaweeds


There is a grape like green seaweed typically found on countries as Philippines (Caulerpa lentillifera).  This type of seaweeds is actually rich in Iodine, calcium, iron and vitamin A and C.

Many Filipinos call this seaweeds as “lato”, “ar-arusip” or “lato-bilog.”   In the northern Luzon, Philippines, many bought and eat them as fresh.  Recently, brine-salted lato is being exported to Japan and the United States . 

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