Bouncing Back

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“Nobody really cares if you’re miserable, so might as well be happy.”  -Cynthia Nelms”

Three (3) Devastating Typhoons just passed Visayan provinces, Mindanao and Palawan in a matter of a month or two.  Flash flood ravages from the mountains with many logs that destroys bridges, residential houses, people’s livelihood and so many lives.  As I write for this blog post, another storm just enter Philippine area of responsibility.  The concerned provinces are still to recover from natural and man made calamities that just just passed yet another storm is coming (e.g. war, heavy flooding, decline in agri export, increase of farm expense cost, damage infrastructure,  deaths of loved ones, etc.).  I could not even provide enough for my own family and the people whom I previously work with because I could not provide jobs lately due to no buyers of my offered bananas and other agri producs (high price caused many buyers divert to countries like Ecuador). How can I help?

I was on the church yesterday but could not focus because my mind wanders.  All of a sudden I thought of the rich craftsmanship talents where I reside (wood furniture making).  So much woods and logs in the devastated area, why provide jobs through establishing a furniture making and wood curving business out of it?  All just need is fund grant and potential buyers/importers to put a workshop area, place to collect the woods, equipment and cash flow.  As what I was doing with banana export, I can capitalize with buyer’s advance payment.  The finished products can either be sold locally or can be exported per sample images below. All I just need to do is collaborate with willing trainers and fund for the needed facility and equipment.  There is hope.

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4 Seater Table 01

Small Table 06

Double Deck Bed 06\

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Small Table 09

Small Table 01

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