Authentic Abaca Bags and Slippers

Not everyone wants machine made.  Natural and Organic are in now.  And it doesn’t have to always be expensive and branded.

Allow our collection be yours:

We seek buyers and investor/s
















Native Abaca Slippers:



Scientific nameMusa textilis
Abacá, binomial name Musa textilis, is a species of banana native to the Philippines, grown as a commercial crop in the Philippines, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. The plant, also known as Manila hemp, has great economic importance, being harvested for its fiber, also called Manila hemp, extracted from the leaf-stems. Wikipedia
Scientific nameMusa textilis
Please note that we do not claim originality nor ownership to the design.  We are somehow in cooperation with local weavers and craftsmen/women

If you are interested, we can provide pricelist and/or catalog.  You can email me directly

If in any case you have interest for Rattan Furniture (organic raw materials also), we also offer:


It just happened that an interested buyer inquired.








We are relatively new but I believe there are demands for such and we can supply if given the ample amount of investment and capitalization.

Timeless Toys and Woodworks









There’s more.

We don’t claim to be original on the design shown but we are receiving orders.

We can mass produce if there is bulk orders on a regular basis, or if an investor would allow fund grant for the needed equipment and  cash flow funding.

Interested buyers can email us directly at

Thank you.



Felt Art is Adorably Cute

This kind of art is loved by both kids and adult.

Simply adorable.

I call it Felt art and it can either be a hobby or a craft business.

I did a number in the past to please kids, friends, teens friends and loved ones.  Such a simple hobby but needs creativity to explore further on design base on purpose, season and demand.  I intend to establish a mini manufacturing  craft workshop factory in support of an N.G.O., or an Investor or or advance payment from importing buyer, Allow me to show some (though I will not deny that some are excerpted through google images and pinterest as reference):


















e4ef65c14e8bdd864c715ed263b7d4cb (1).jpg



The owner of this blog does not claim ownership to the design (excerpted)

Our own design are available upon request by funder or buyer or investor.

Felt are perfect for gifts, wall decor, Christmas ornaments, seasonal display, Store display.

If you are interested, you can email directly at or


Floor Plan – my latest project


I just did a “Title Block” for a client (floor plan for 5 units, 2 floors per unit).  If there is another break or similar job offer, why not?  fyi.  I have consultant Civil Engineers.


Philippine Cavendish Bananas

123111Farm Source3

Still love by many as one of the most naturally sweet and delicious fresh fruit… Philippine Cavendish Bananas

Our Operations Include:

  • Plantation Pre-survey
  • Packing Materials advance order
  • Container Booking
  • On call crew and technical support
  • Live-cut Harvest
  • Aerial Tractor transport from farm to packing house (bruise control)
  • Inspection of bunches quality upon arrival at packing house
  • Handling
  • Tub processing
  • Calibration
  • Segregation fo good quality A from Class B or rejects
  • Power Hose cleaning of microscopic pests
  • Crown Protection spray
  • Drying
  • Fruit Sticker
  • Foaming and Packing
  • Insertion of Ethelyn sachet
  • Weighing
  • Vacuuming
  • Top covering
  • Hauling
  • Sampling at Loading Site
  • Container Loading/Stuffing
  • Mapping and Recording
  • Quarantine Inspection
  • Container Hustling
  • Container Gate-in
  • Shipping Documents processing
  • Fast Courier services of Original Shipping Documents
  • Telex
  • After Sales Assistance

Interested Importers may inquire directly at




Why buy Philippine Cavendish Banana

I could not forget the feedback I got from one of my importers when they move to other countries because of price difference.  I was told that the end buyers themselves are complaining when he did that due to obvious reason ….

Banana Peel

 “bananas from other exporting countries doesn’t taste good as Philippine bananas.”  It’s a fact and you can compare it yourself.  The genuine Class A Philippine Cavendish Bananas taste naturally sweet and delicious to the last bite.  And it is a healthy food for your body.  But yes, it should be genuine Class A because scammers and cheaters are everywhere so you should deal only with reputable exporters and traders.

My importers through he could earn more when he bought from other countries because they offer cheaper.  He learned his lesson from actual experience as he end up in losses.

Cavendish Banana Plantation in Davao region Philippines alone is as far as the eye can see.  One week is not enough to tour and inspect the plantation area as it is actually bigger than a small country like Singapore.  It is so huge and you need a trustworthy contact to lead you where are the safe pest-free source and who are the unreliable.  The plantation is farther than what your eye can see as it reaches to other region and provinces (e.g. Cotabato, General Santos, Bukidnon, other provinces of Mindanao).   But the center of the center is Davao.

Our Prototocol” and Basic Checklist:

Quality of Fruits Inside OutPremium Quality Green fresh Cavendish Bananas from pre-surveyed safe pest free plantation source

Minimum length 7.5 inches (19 cm on big hands)

Minimum length 6.5 inches (16.5 cm on small hands)

Calibration 36 to 47 grades

Sugar content 17 to 20 Brix

Packed in vacuum Poly-bag in strong corrugated boxes

PE Foam protection between each layer of bananas

Quaranteen Plantation Area2 (steps of entering and exiting)

The plantation must be a Quarantined Farm and regularly treated.  The photos shows that everyone that comes-in and comes-out passes a quarantined pass through with guard.






LIVE-CUT.  No harvest will be made unless our supervisor is on site to choose the right age and right tree with minimum 5 leaves up.



There should be proper harvest handling to avoid damage or bruise as bananas is very delicate.


Water Tub Processing

Calibration, Power hose cleaning to eliminate microscopic insects, if there is.

Drying, Quality Inspection and Packing

Foaming, Insertion of Ethelyn sachet to prolong freshness and to control banana temperature.


13.5kg packed premium fresh Cavendish Bananas



Box Coding, Stuffing/Container Loading and Container Sealing upon inspection from Quarantine Office

Container Hustling, Port Gate-in Till Vessel Loading to ship

Shipping Documents processing and Original Docs fast courier sending to Consignee

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We do it all for our customers and clients.

Please email us directly at mamita.offer for quote or further details.

We also offer other fruits and processed food products

Main Image


Products to watch out for soon

Coconut Jam 330g


Coconut Sugar - Transparent Plastic Pack

Banana Chips

Banana Chips 8oz

Interested party may email me directly at

We are open for Business and/or Investment

We also offer Fresh Premium Cavendish Banana, Pineapple, Mango, Papaya and Coconuts

Authentic Rattan Furniture

In spite of the influence of modernization, there are still people like my self who prefer authentic old fashion house furniture.

Sofa Type


There’s more.  You can email us your design if you want.

Dining Table with chair


There’s more design.  You can provide your own design if you want

Specialty Chair


Rocking Chair



Coffee Table


Bed with Headboard



Email us at for further details.




Bouncing Back

Headline Photo

“Nobody really cares if you’re miserable, so might as well be happy.”  -Cynthia Nelms”

Three (3) Devastating Typhoons just passed Visayan provinces, Mindanao and Palawan in a matter of a month or two.  Flash flood ravages from the mountains with many logs that destroys bridges, residential houses, people’s livelihood and so many lives.  As I write for this blog post, another storm just enter Philippine area of responsibility.  The concerned provinces are still to recover from natural and man made calamities that just just passed yet another storm is coming (e.g. war, heavy flooding, decline in agri export, increase of farm expense cost, damage infrastructure,  deaths of loved ones, etc.).  I could not even provide enough for my own family and the people whom I previously work with because I could not provide jobs lately due to no buyers of my offered bananas and other agri producs (high price caused many buyers divert to countries like Ecuador). How can I help?

I was on the church yesterday but could not focus because my mind wanders.  All of a sudden I thought of the rich craftsmanship talents where I reside (wood furniture making).  So much woods and logs in the devastated area, why provide jobs through establishing a furniture making and wood curving business out of it?  All just need is fund grant and potential buyers/importers to put a workshop area, place to collect the woods, equipment and cash flow.  As what I was doing with banana export, I can capitalize with buyer’s advance payment.  The finished products can either be sold locally or can be exported per sample images below. All I just need to do is collaborate with willing trainers and fund for the needed facility and equipment.  There is hope.

Double Deck Bed 05

Dining Tables with Chairs 01

4 Seater Table 01

Small Table 06

Double Deck Bed 06\

Small Table 07

Small Table 09

Small Table 01

Cross 01

Fruits and Vegetables segregation 03

Nativity 01

There’s more!

I don’t claim ownership to the photos and design (excerpt images)

I could be reach through email:





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