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Davao Philippines’Cavendish Bananas is known deliciously sweet.

  • Philippine is now the 2nd Largest Exporter of Bananas in the world.
  • The majority of these shipments are destined for the growing regional markets of China, the Middle East and, to a lesser extent, Russia to satisfy their demand for fresh produce
  • Exports of Philippine bananas for the last quarter of this year are expected to rise following China’s lifting of restrictions on Philippine exports early this month.
  • Below are the 15 countries that accounted for the highest dollar value worth of bananas exported from the Philippines during 2015:
  1. Japan: US$176.9 million (40.2% of total bananas imports)
  2. China: $109.2 million (24.8%)
  3. South Korea: $51.6 million (11.7%)
  4. Iran: $33.8 million (7.7%)
  5. United Arab Emirates: $19.2 million (4.4%)
  6. Saudi Arabia: $12.9 million (2.9%)
  7. Kuwait: $8.7 million (2%)
  8. New Zealand: $6.5 million (1.5%)
  9. Hong Kong: $5.2 million (1.2%)
  10. Singapore: $5.1 million (1.2%)
  11. Malaysia: $2.3 million (0.5%)
  12. Taiwan: $2.1 million (0.5%)
  13. North Korea: $1.7 million (0.4%)
  14. Bahrain: $1.1 million (0.2%)
  15. Qatar: $912,000 (0.2%)
  • Among the above countries, the fastest-growing consumers of Philippine bananas exports since 2011 were: Bahrain (up 822.2% in value), Saudi Arabia (up 638.1%), Malaysia (up 312.3%) and Kuwait (up 195.4%).Production system ranges from backyard to highly integrated operation with the latter catering to the export market.
  • Weak demand in the EU.
  • Total import of fruit by the Philippines from 2008 till 2013. The highest volume of imports occurred in 2012 reaching 240,477MT while the lowest was in 2008 to 187,265MT. The average annual growth rate was 3.68% during this time period.
  • Philippine farms produced a total of 8.65m tonnes of bananas valued at P117.15bn ($2.6bn) in 2013, down from a peak of 9.23m tonnes worth P108.13bn ($2.4bn) the previous year, according to PSA data. Concerted efforts over the past two decades to expand banana production have led to the commodity becoming the country’s most valuable crop as well as its most profitable agricultural export.
  • The past years, the yield dramatically been reduced due to destruction brought about by the strong typhoons that hit the country particularly the major producing areas in Mindanao. Another calamity was the most recent “El Nino.”  Nevertheless, these are not typical and Mindanao is not a typhoon belt.
  • Overall, the average annual growth rate was 0.26% and 16%, respectively for production and area for the six-year time period.
  • The farms are generally small in size (1-5 ha) with minimal care resulting to low yield.
  • Big farms are typically managed by Cooperatives, Organizations and Investment Companies














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Truth or Consequence

Of course the photo was just a pigment of my imagination … a kind of Day After thing

No offense to North and South Korea (Koreans),  but one need not be a political analyst or rocket scientist to know what will be the consequence if North and South Korea do not resolve their differences as soon as possible.  The world is watching and no one is a mere spectatoWrong decision could escalate into something all will be affected and none would want to happen … Nuclear Holocaust.    Shame on those who call war is business.

May be this is a wake up call.  South Koreans are admired of their Christian faith and fervent prayer.   I somehow feel South Koreans are now not in their prayer mountains and churches.  I see revival at hand as Elijah-like prayer is stronger force than the strongest weapon any nation could built for mass destruction.


(excerpt article)

Exploding wine bottles, guns constructed out of pipes, bullets made of teeth, aspirin explosives:  they sound like props from a second-rate spy story.  Horrifyingly enough, they are real.  The CIA has spent a great deal of its time– and your money–developing countless bizarre weapons for         assassination, sabotage, and mass destruction.  If that’s news to you, it’s because the CIA doesn’t want these products, some of which are quite easy to put together, to fall into the “wrong hands.”  As for whether they are in the right hands now–judge for yourself.

The CIA has developed many exotic and sophisticated devices intended for use in interrogation, sabotage, and assassination.  These weapons are necessary–if you grant that what the CIA itself       does is necessary.  If the CIA wants to eliminate a key KGB agent operating in Hungary, it faces certain problems.  It would be virtually impossible to slip a deadly weapon, such as a gun or       bomb, past Hungarian customs officials.  Thus, the CIA assassin must assemble his weapon from commonly obtainable materials after he crosses the border.

The CIA agent might decide to construct a urea nitrate explosive, commonly known as a urine bomb.  This weapon is quite deadly, easily exploded, and consists primarily of nitric acid and       urine.  The urine bomb is one of literally hundreds of murderous weapons in the CIA arsenal.

“The New York Times” of September 26, 1975 revealed the existence of guns that shoot cobra-venom darts.  Then there was the shoe polish compound intended to make Fidel Castro’s beard fall out, so that he would lose his “charisma.”  And CIA laboratories in Fort Monmouth, New Jersey developed the famous rifle that shoots around corners.

Some CIA weapons are designed to kill many people–deadly germs can be released in subways;  others are intended to kill a single,  specific individual–the Borgia ring contains deadly poison to be slipped into a victim’s drink;  and still others are standard weapons supplied for such missions as overthrowing the Allende government in Chile in 1973.

The information about CIA weapons that you will read in this article generally has not been made public before.  It was not intended to be.  But your tax dollars pay for these devices;  it is       your right to know about them.  There is a booklet, written in 1977 and distributed to a select       group of U.S. mercenaries, titled “CIA Improvised Sabotage Devices.”  This instructional guidebook, part of “the Combat Bookshelf,” was published by Desert Publications, P.O. Box 22005,  Phoenix, Arizona 85028.  If you want to know how the CIA turns a cigar box into an explosive that can destroy a 10,000-gallon capacity storage tank, then “CIA Improvised Sabotage Devices” is what you should read.  You will need it if you want to build the “Water-Drip Electric Delay,” a bomb that requires little more than wood scrap, a tin can, and a battery.  The “Pocket Watch Electric Delay” requires little more than a watch, a screw, and a battery.        The “Mousetrap Electric Release” is another bomb, this one requiring a mousetrap, a trip wire, a battery, and little else.  It is described as “an excellent device to use with bazooka rockets against trucks, tanks, or locomotives.”  The “Chemical Instantaneous Initiator” is made from a sugar-chlorate mix and is effective in sabotaging trains.  The “Martini Glass Shaped Charge”       is a bomb that also can be made out of a beer can.  You might want to try to construct the “Vehicle Booby Trap.”  The “Potassium Chlorate and Sugar Igniter” and the “Sawdust, Moth Flakes, and Oil Incendiary” can be made with only what you see in their titles.

For these and more than fifty other CIA devices, step-by-step instructions on how to make them and illustrations of what they should look like when completed are given.  Turn a wine bottle into a bomb.  Build a land-mine rocket.  Manufacture napalm in your basement.  Even the simple how-tos of causing a dust explosion can be found in “CIA Improvised Sabotage Devices.”           Why is the CIA so deeply involved in sabotage techniques?  The CIA might think it is in this country’s interest to delay scientific work being done by another nation.  Or, the CIA might want to disrupt a nation’s economy in the hope that the resulting chaos will lead to civil unrest and the overthrow of the existing government (some of this actually happened in Chile).  The original John Rockefeller used such tactics against his competitors.  He simply had their refineries blown up.  Another pamphlet the CIA would not like you to see is titled “How to Kill,” written by John Minnery, edited by Robert Brown and Peder Lund, and published by Paladin Press, Box 1307, Boulder, Colorado 80306.  The reason the CIA would prefer that you not see      this eighty-eight-page pamphlet, which is unavailable at bookstores and newsstands, is because it contains a number of “ingenious” methods of doing what the title says.  Also, Paladin Press, which published a book called “OSS Sabotage and Demolition Manual,” is widely regarded by journalists as an organization with close ties to mercenary groups and the CIA.  Paladin Press doesn’t want you to know that, but how else could they have published the “OSS Sabotage       and Demolition Manual?”  The Office of Strategic Services was the precursor of today’s CIA.

This writer’s call to Colorado yielded the following conversation:

“How could you publish the “OSS Sabotage and Demolition Manual,”  I asked Peter Lund, editor and publisher of Paladin Press, “if your organization, at the least, was not dealing with former OSS agents?  And what about “How to Kill?”

“I don’t talk to journalists,” Lund said.

“You’re called the Paladin Press.  You must publish books.

Can I order them?”


“Why not?  You’re a publisher, aren’t you?”

“We’re afraid our publications might fall into the wrong hands.”

“What are the right hands?” I asked.

“I don’t talk to journalists.”

“Have you ever heard of Desert Publications?” I asked.

“A fine outfit,” Lund said.  “If they recommend you, I’ll send you our material.”

“That’s my problem,” I said.  “They don’t seem to have a phone number.”

“Well, they’re a good group.”

“Listen,” I said, “wasn’t your group, and Desert Publications besides, involved in CIA mercenary activity in Africa?”

“I don’t know anything about that.”

“Were you in the Special Forces?”

“July 1967 to July 1968 in Vietnam.”

“Were you CIA?”

“I was MACV [Military Armed Forces Command Vietnam].”

“You weren’t affiliated with CIA?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“What do you say?”

“We did joint operations with CIA on the Phoenix Program.”

“Wasn’t that a murder operation?”

“No.  It was snatching people.”

The Phoenix Program was designed for a job that the CIA euphemistically described as “eliminating the Viet Cong infrastructure.”  In reality, it was a rampant reign of terror run       out of CIA headquarters at Langley, Virginia.  Former CIA director William Colby later termed the program “effective.”  The Phoenix Program was a naked murder campaign, as proved by every realistic report, ranging from the Bertrand Russell Tribunal to the Dellums Committee to admissions by CIA agents themselves.  The program killed–and *none* of these killings occurred in combat–18,000 people, mostly women and children.

But what about Peder Lund, editor and publisher of Paladin Press?  The book he edited and published, “How to Kill,” outlined a surfeit of murder methods, horrific techniques of causing people to die.  For example:  “Without getting too deeply into the realm of the bizarre,”  wrote John Minnery, the author of “How to Kill” as he proceeded to just that, “a specially loaded bullet made from a human tooth (bicuspid) could be fired under the jaw or through the mouth into the head.  The tooth is a very hard bone, and its enamel shell would allow it to penetrate into the brain.  The intention here is also to hide the cause of death because the examiner in his search for a projectile will disregard bone fragments.”

One last example from “How to Kill” should give you the flavor of the book:

Lesson Nine:  Hot Wire

“Essentially, the weapon is an electrified grid in the urinal basin.  This can take the form of a screen cover for the drain or a metal grill.  If the urinal is completely porcelain, the screen must be added by the assassin.  The drain cover is connected to the electrical system of the washroom by means of an insulated cord that is hidden behind the plumbing.

“What happens when the subject uses the urinal should be obvious now.  The subject’s urine, which is a salty liquid and a perfect conductor of electricity, makes contact with the charged grid, and the shock will kill him.”

This reporter’s investigation revealed that the “Hot Wire” was child’s play compared to certain other CIA weapons devices.  For instance, I was able to obtain Volumes One and Two of the “CIA Black Book” on improvised munitions, volumes that are stamped “for official use only” on almost every page.  It is obvious why the CIA would like these books to remain secret.  With elaborate instructions, they describe how to make high explosives from aspirin, how to construct a nail grenade, and how to turn a Coke bottle into a bomb.

Described in detail in the “Black Book” is the previously mentioned urea nitrate explosive, or, as it is known to the pros,      “the piss bomb.”  Instructions for the preparation of this weapon assure the maker that animal urine will do as well as human; the important thing is to have ten cups of it, boil it down to one cup, and mix it with the nitric acid.

Also described in the “Black Book” is how to construct a pipe pistol, which, as the name indicates, is a gun constructed out of a pipe.  Other weapons include a cooking syringe filled with poison that can be stabbed into “the subject’s” stomach;  a cyanide gas pistol;  a throat cutter gauntlet knife (razor sharp and only an inch or so in length);  and a mixture of fertilizer and aluminum powder that can be made into a powerful bomb.

Why build murder weapons out of such weird material?  Is the CIA insane?

No.  In its own way, the whole thing is perfectly logical.  The pamphlet “How to Kill” explained it all:  “As most of these devices are homemade, this precludes the possibility of their being       traced.  They are, in effect, `sanitized’ and perfect for assassinations, where weapons are prohibited, or where customs in the hostile country are stringent, so these can be made from local materials.”

Being a contract killer for the CIA is not all roses.  You cannot kill in just any way.  A number of attempts have been made on Fidel Castro’s life–some with the CIA and the Mafia cooperating–and some of them may have failed because of restrictions imposed on the potential assassins.  It would be unacceptable for Castro’s murder to be laid at the door of the CIA.  This would make Castro a martyr in the eyes of his countrymen.  Thus, a method that would suggest death by natural causes must be found.

Abundant speculation and considerable evidence suggest that the CIA or some other government agency arranged for the “natural” deaths of David Ferrie, Jack Ruby, George De Mohrenschildt, and other potential witnesses into the assassination of John Kennedy.  Some methods of killing, like the injection of an air bubble into the bloodstream, will often go unnoticed by medical examiners.

Another hard-to-trace method of killing is to mail a snake to the victim.  This is known as killing by long distance.  A disadvantage to this method is that the snake might bite an innocent third party who just happens to open the package.  The advantage is that once the snake has struck, the evidence can simply slither away.


Sometimes, as the CIA knows, killing has to be done at close range.  For this purpose, a valuable weapon is the ice pick with a blood arrester attached.  The blood arrester is a cloth wrapped near the tip of the ice pick.  When the pick is shoved into the victim, the spurting blood is absorbed by the blood arrester.  People who see the victim fall will probably think he has had a heart attack.  While the onlookers try to help the victim, the assassin uses this valuable ten or fifteen seconds to escape unnoticed.

Often it is advisable to use what is called in the trade a “quiet weapon.”  Silenced weapons can include pistols, rifles, and even machine guns.


Poison is a quiet killer.  Here is a partial list of the poisons the CIA has become expert at administering:  oil of bitter almonds;  ant paste;  cadmium, used in vapor form, and death is delayed four hours;  radiator cleaner, also causing a delayed death; Cantharides (Spanish Fly);  ethyl mercury;  and freon, heated by a flame.  These poisons and many others are listed in “How to Kill.”  The author then cautions the reader:


“Unless otherwise stated, these poisons are either to be injected into the subject, or taken orally by him by adding it to his food.  Use common sense in the application of these potions and, if possible, double the O.D. necessary.”


W.H. Bowart, in his book, “Operation Mind Control” described the CIA’s use of drugs:  “In 1953, the CIA made plans to purchase ten kilograms of LSD for use in `drug experiments with animals and human beings.’  Since there are more than 10,000 doses in a gram, that meant the CIA wanted 100 million doses.  The CIA obviously intended to `corner the market’ on LSD so that other countries would not be ahead of the U.S. in their potential for `LSD warfare.'”  Dr. Albert Hoffman, an early researcher into the uses of LSD, was horrified by what the CIA was doing:  “I had perfected LSD for medical use, not as a weapon.  It can make you insane or even kill you if it is not properly used under medical supervision.  In any case, the research should be done by medical people and not by soldiers or intelligence agencies.”


Perhaps the most frightening weapon of all is the one that can be used to alter weather and climate.  It was used with considerable success in Vietnam.  It slowed troop movements with       heavy rains, and it destroyed the rice crop, as well.  The danger is that these climatological changes may become permanent, affecting not only enemies of the United States, but also the       entire planet.

**one perfect example of this is the “earthquake machine” which was featured a long time ago at a known documentary channel.  Of course it was both denied by the concerned officials and some even mentioned it was longer to be found.  The public was assured that it was no longer use because of the unstoppable chain reaction it caused after used.  Some hints of such weapons were also shown on Steven Segal movies and CIA theme Hollywood movies (this portion was inserted by fyi.09 administrator/author as his own opinion)

Finally, considerable evidence exists that the United States, through the CIA, employed germ warfare during the Korean War.  A number of captured pilots testified that germ warfare was used, but their testimony was dismissed as brainwashing.  A Marine Corps colonel named Frank H. Schwable signed a germ warfare confession and, according to W.H. Bowart, “named names, cited missions, described meetings and strategy conferences.”  Schwable later repudiated his confession.  But the charges of germ warfare were taken up in front of the United Nations, and a number of countries believed them.  The United States, incidentally, was later charged with using nerve gas in Vietnam.

What you have read on these pages is pretty revolting stuff.  Yet, if the world ought to be saved from Communism, who can say it is not necessary?  One danger, of course, is that these terrible weapons have been introduced into our body politic and have produced strange and terrible fruits on our own native soil.  When assassination becomes government policy, when men are trained to kill in every conceivable way, when morality is set aside for a “higher good,” can even the President of the United States consider himself safe?

Andrew Stark is a pseudonym for a specialist on weaponry.

I do not claim the ownership on the above information.

Photo is excerpt from Google Images

Case Unclosed: Philadelphia Experiment Report

The Philadelphia Experiment, otherwise known as Project Rainbow, has been a subject of long controversy and debate. It was an attempt by the Navy to create a ship that could not be detected by magnetic mines and or radar. However, its results were far different and much more dangerous than the Navy ever expected. Although the story itself seems too bizarre to be true, far too many coincidences have occurred for it to not be based upon some small iota of truth. The technical data that has also been presented upon the subject hold far too much credence to be ignored. Many of the stories associated with this infamous experiment are wild: whispers of men ‘freezing’ in time for months, rumors of men traveling through time, and horror stories of men becoming stuck in bulkheads or even the floor of the ship itself.  Naturally, the first questions one would want to ask would deal with the specifics of the experiment: who, what, when, where, and how.


In the early 1930’s, the University of Chicago investigated the possibility of invisibility through the use of electricity. This project was later moved to Princeton’s Institute of Advanced Studies. The research went unnoticed and continued on until the 1940’s. The ship that was eventually used for the experiment, the USS Eldridge, was commissioned at the New York Navy Yard on August 27, 1943 (Department of the Navy). According to Al Bielek, a man who claims to have been a crew member, the first tests done were in July of 1943 and the final test was on August 12, 1943. However, others claim that the experiment took place on October 28, 1943.

Substantial evidence points to the October date as being more accurate. The Navy has released the Eldridge’s deck log and war diary and at no time was the Eldridge in Philadelphia. However, the records could have easily been changed. The Eldridge’s war diary reads as such: The Eldridge remained in New York and the Long Island Sound until September 16, when it left for Bermuda. From September 18 to October 15, it underwent training and sea trials. On October 18, it left in a convoy for New York and remained there until November 1. From November 1 to the 2, it went on a convoy to Norfolk and on November 3 left in a convoy for Casablanca. The Eldridge arrived in Casablanca on November 22 and stayed there until November 29, when it left for New York again in another convoy. The Eldridge arrived in New York on December 17. From December 17 to December 31, it traveled to Norfolk with four other ships (Department of the Navy). Although this is not the entire war log, it is the log of the ship during the suspected time the experiment took place (October 28, as mentioned above). It would seem that the Navy never did experiments on the Eldridge at any time, but the government has been known to cover up because of national security before. An example of such a situation would be the Manhattan project. This secret project was the building of the atomic bomb and no word was ever said about it until it was obvious that we had an atomic bomb.

The Navy, in a search for a plausible answer, has suggested that perhaps the Philadelphia Experiment was confused with experiments done attempting invisibility to magnetic mines. This was a process known as degaussing. The Navy defines degaussing as:

“…a process in which a system of electrical cables are installed around the circumference of the ship’s hull, running from bow to stern on both sides. A measured electrical current is passed through these cables to cancel out the ship’s magnetic field. Degaussing equipment was installed in the hull of Navy ships and could be turned on whenever the ship was in waters that might contain magnetic mines…”

(-Department of the Navy)

The Navy performed another experiment on the USS Timmerman’s generating plant in the 1950’s. The experiment tried to obtain 1,000 Hz instead of the standard 400 Hz from the generator (Department of the Navy). It resulted in light discharges. These light discharges may have been witnessed by Carlos Miguele Allende and caused him to start writing letters to prominent men in the scientific community. The Navy believes that Allende mistook the experiment on the Timmerman for the Philadelphia Experiment.


Carlos Miguele Allende, also known as Carl Allen, was an odd man. He was born on May 31, 1925 in a small town outside of Pennsylvania. On July 14, 1942, Allende joined the Marine Corps and was discharged on May 21, 1943 (Taken from the book titled The Philadelphia Experiment, pg 99). He then joined the Merchant Marine and was assigned to the SS Andrew Furuseth. It was upon this ship that he claimed to see the Eldridge in action.

Allende’s story was bizarre; he stated that he had witnessed the Eldridge being transported instantaneously to Norfolk from Philadelphia and back again in a matter of minutes. Upon researching the matter further, he learned of extremely odd occurrences associated with the project and wrote a basic summation of his newly learned knowledge in a letter to Dr. Morris K. Jessup. Dr. Jessup was an astronomer and Allende had been in the audience of one of Dr. Jessup’s lectures. Apparently having some respect for the man, he decided to entrust Dr. Jessup with his knowledge. The letters were written oddly: with capitalization, punctuation, and underlines located in various places. The letters were also written in several colors. In his letters, Allende revealed horrifying details of the Philadelphia Experiment to Dr. Jessup. Because Dr. Jessup was something of a believer in odd phenomenon he did not entirely dismiss the ideas presented to him. He wrote back to Allende and requested new information. The return address upon the letter never existed according to the mail service, yet Allende still received Dr. Jessup’s reply. Allende responded with more detailed letters but the correspondence eventually discontinued because Dr. Jessup dismissed it as a hoax. During the time of Dr. Jessup’s and Allende’s correspondence, Dr. Jessup had just recently published his book titled The Case for UFO’s. After Allende had written to Dr. Jessup, this book was sent to the Navy and had hand-written notes inside the book. The notes were in the same writing as in the letters sent to Dr. Jessup and eventually Dr. Jessup was asked by the Navy to view the notes.

Dr. Jessup recognized the writing immediately, but he was somewhat astonished, as he had concluded earlier that it was merely a hoax to trick him. The notes in the book were more detailed than in the letters and were highly insightful, so Dr. Jessup eventually believed them and researched the matter.  Unfortunately, Dr. Jessup could not find any new leads. Only one tantalizing clue had shown up. Two crewmen had been walking in a park when a haggard looking man approached them. The man told them a fantastic story about an experiment done in which most of the crew died or suffered terrible side effects. He said that the government then claimed the entire crew was insane so that when they came forward, they would merely be dismissed as a group of crazy people who had merely concocted some fantastic story. After the conversation, one crew member was convinced while the other was not.  Eventually, the member that had been convinced contacted Dr. Jessup and told him the story. Although this was a substantial lead, Dr. Jessup was not getting very far and he found that his reputation in the scientific community was worsening. Faced with overwhelming odds, Dr. Jessup eventually committed suicide on April 20, 1959, believing “another existence of universe being better than this miserable world.” (The Philadelphia Experiment, 79). Some believe that his suicide was actually an assassination by government agencies to keep the experiment quiet.

Unfortunately for Dr. Jessup, a major clue in the puzzle turned up shortly after his death. This clue was a man by the name of Alfred D. Bielek.

Bielek’s story is even more bizarre than Allende’s. He claims that he was transported in time to the future and that here in the future he was brainwashed by the Navy. This brainwashing led him to believe that his name was Alfred Bielek, rather than his true name, Edward Cameron. Upon discovering his true identity, he tracked down his brother who had also participated in the experiment. Bielek claims that his brother time traveled to 1983 and lost his ‘time-lock’. As a result, his brother aged one year every hour and eventually died. Bielek then claims that his brother was reborn. Needless to say, only a small group of people believe Bielek and nearly everyone thinks that his stories are based on some truth, but he’s exaggerating the truth for personal reasons. This popular opinion seems to be reinforced when Bielek starts remembering things only after having seen the movie “The Philadelphia Experiment”. Bielek has a Ph.D. in Physics, so he does have some technical experience. He is also a retired electrical engineer

with thirty years of experience. Because of his obvious intelligence and skill, he cannot be discounted entirely. Bielek stated that the technology used in the Philadelphia Experiment was given to us by aliens.  However, the germanium transistor, which was what Bielek said had been used, was invented by Thomas Henry Moray.

Bielek also stated that Dr. Albert Einstein, Dr. John von Neumann, and Dr. Nikola Tesla were involved in the project. Some controversy has arisen as to the participation of Tesla because he died in New York city on January 7, 1943, which was only a two month period of time after the project took place. Einstein, on the other hand, suggested such a project as this to the Navy on several occasions. Because of this, he was probably involved in the project. As for von Neumann, there is no evidence to refute or promote his active participation in the matter. There is evidence that supports the fact that he later continued on the experiment at a different time.

The principle that lay behind the Philadelphia Experiment was the Unified Field Theory. This theory states that gravity and magnetism are connected, just as mass and energy are connected through the formula E=mc2. Einstein never solved the Unified Field Theory, but the very nature of the Philadelphia

Experiment suggests otherwise. It is probably that this theory has become a government secret because it is capable of doing many things, possibly even space travel without the assistance of rockets.


In a search for actual technical data on the experiment, not much information can be found that isn’t tainted with doubt and speculation. The basic design has two large Tesla coils (electromagnets) placed on each hull of the ship. The coils are turned on in a special sequence and their magnetic force is so powerful that they warp gravity itself. Bielek also says that on August 12 every twenty years, the magnetic field of the Earth reaches a peak and allows the synchronization between the Tesla coils. The oscillator which Bielek claims to have run the coils in a special pattern looks more like an Army field kitchen refrigeration unit than anything else. Many believe that’s exactly what it is and Bielek’s story is just a hoax. Bielek gave it a technical name however: the “Zero Time Reference Generator”. The oscillators would synchronize with the adjustable phase angle and created a scalar type wave (Anderson). Several scientists today have attacked Bielek’s testimony on this, as they believe a vector wave would have been more efficient and probable. Bielek also does not make clear if the power used is AC or DC, pulsed or rotating, and what the Microwave and Radar frequencies are. In other words, Bielek provides almost no accurate technical information that can be used.

Rick Anderson however, may be able to shed some light upon the subject. He states that four RF transmitters were phased to produce a rotating field. This field was pulsed at a 10% duty cycle. Instead of two coils, he says that four coils would have been set upon the deck of the ship and would be run by two generators that were pulsed in a counter-clockwise motion. Anderson states that the Tesla coils use a total of 7,500 feet, or 1.42 miles of #16 magnet wire. Because of this enormous quantity, no one has privately undertaken the experiment; the wire would be too expensive and also must to be wound in a special way (Anderson). Other scientists believe that Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and the science of the Philadelphia Experiment are connected.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance is also known as Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI. Yet another scientist named Alexander S. Fraser believes that everyone is wrong about the electromagnetic qualities of the experiment. He believes that it was never done with electromagnetism, but with thermal fields.  This thermal field could have caused the optical mirage effect which several witnesses reported. Fraser says that Allende had spoken of a ‘scorch’ field, fire, and optical wavering, all of which are products of a thermal field. As for the part about the Eldridge disappearing in front of their very eyes, certain weather conditions have been known in the ocean to cause islands to disappear as well. These weather conditions were taking place the day of the experiment. Yet another scientist believes that sonic and ultrasonic waves were used. The sonic waves could have been used to create an ‘air blanket’ around the ship, which is consistent with reports. There were many experiments done in the 1940’s with high power ultrasonic waves, which indicates a high probability of the Philadelphia Experiment being one of them.  Strong sonic fields are known for having bad side effects upon humans, which is also consistent with reports. The green haze which was presumably around the ship was caused by “exciting the surrounding sea water with powerful ultrasonics — ‘sonoluminescense’ and related phenomena.”  (Anderson) The ultrasonic field would have caused the crew to pass out and make the journey from Philadelphia to Norfolk seem to last only a couple minutes. Needless to say, the technicalities of the Philadelphia Experiment are a matter of hot debate among scientists and no one seems to be able to provide any solid evidence. As Rick Anderson aptly puts it: “An electronics person knows that, without a

DETAILED, comprehensive THEORY behind bench set-up, he is not going to know how to set up

voltages and currents, power levels, frequencies, wave forms, pulse widths or duty cycles. If there’s a chance a circuit won’t work, Murphy’s Law dictates that it WON’T more often than not.”


More Details

If the technicalities of the experiment are vague and a matter of controversy, the results of the

experiment are just as foggy. One fact which everyone seem to agree on is that a field was extended many yards, up to perhaps one hundred, outside of the ship and into the water (Anonymous). Everything inside of this sphere was vague in form and the only visible shape was the hull of the Eldridge in the water. This field seemed to have a greenish color and was misty. Another fact everyone agrees was that the Eldridge did not function properly after the experiment and became a source of trouble. The last item everyone believes is that terrible side effects were manifested upon the crew members. However, when one delves deeper into that particular subject, no one agrees on what the specific details are. Some witnesses, Allende and Bielek in particular, state that matter itself was changed and that men were able to walk through physical objects. When the field was shut off, some crew members were found stuck in

bulkheads, others in the floor. Some were found with the railings of the ship stuck through their bodies. It was a horrendous sight. The sailors supposedly went crazy after this and raided a bar. They told the bar maid their story and completely terrified her. According to Allende, a newspaper article was written upon the raid, but no specific date was named, so the article cannot be found. Most crew members went insane, but a few retained their sanity, only to be thrust into worse situations. One man sat down to dinner with his wife and child, but then got up from the table, walked through the wall, and was never seen again. Two others simply disappeared into thin air and were also never seen again. Another crew member vanished in the middle of a fight, much to his opponent’s astonishment. All three incidents had several witnesses. Yet the worse side effects were when men got ‘stuck’. Getting stuck consisted of

becoming invisible and being unable to move, speak, or interact with other people for a period of time.  This was told of by Allende in his letters to Dr. Jessup. Getting stuck by the crew members was known as “Hell Incorporated”. (The Philadelphia Experiment, 42). It was also known as the Freeze. A common freeze would last minutes to hours and was damaging psychologically, but did not cause madness. A man would only come out of the Freeze if other crew members laid their hands upon him to give him strength. Unfortunately, in one instance of the “Laying of Hands,” two men who attempted to lay hands upon the man burst into flames and burned for eighteen days (The Philadelphia Experiment, 44). The fires could not be stopped, despite multiple attempts to quench the flames. Needless to say, the Laying of Hands was discontinued from that point on. Then, men started going into the Deep Freeze, when a man would be frozen for several days to several months. During this time, the man is completely aware of others and their actions but was unable to communicate to them or interact with them. Men in the Deep Freeze can only be seen by other crew members. It only takes two days for a man to go completely crazy in the Deep Freeze. The first deep freeze took six months and five million dollars worth of research and equipment to correct (The Philadelphia Experiment, 43). The man who was stuck for six went completely insane by the time he got out. Carlos Allende wrote: “Usually a A Deep Freeze Man goes Mad, Stark raving, Gibbering, Running MAD, if His freeze is far More than a Day in our time.” (The Philadelphia Experiment, 42) Rick Anderson uncovered research that states this disappearance or freezing of people is the Zeeman Effect. “Zeemanising – the Zeeman Effect is defined as spreading out of the spectral lines of atoms under the influence of a strong magnetic field.” (Anderson) The few

remaining sailors have a high PSI factor which is intensified by fear or hypnosis. Unfortunately, they have all been discharged from the Navy as mentally unfit.

Beyond Imagination

The Philadelphia Experiment has become a saga of strange occurrences and peculiar coincidences. It should be noted that Allende firmly believes the Navy was completely unaware of the side effects the Philadelphia Experiment would produce on the crew members. Allende is also quoted as saying: “I believe that further experiments would naturally have produced controlled transport of great tonnages at ultra-fast speeds to a desired point the instant it is desired. “(Allende). A full report of the Experiment was given to Congress and the members were so horrified that they disbanded the project immediately.  However, research continued at the Montauk Project, a.k.a. the Phoenix Project, which was headed by Dr. John von Neumann, who also directed the Philadelphia Experiment. The Montauk Project centered mostly on how the mind reacts to interdimensional travel. It took place at the Brookhaven National Laboratories. Von Neumann attempted to link computers with minds and was apparently successful beyond his wildest dreams. Using this computer-human link, Von Neumann could affect others minds and was eventually able to open a time vortex back to 1943 to the Philadelphia Experiment. He even made claims that the mind could created matter at any point in time. He also claimed to have sent a man named Preston B. Nichols through two times lines, a fact which was actually confirmed by Duncan Cameron in 1985 (Montauk). Cameron was trained by the National Security Agency, so his testimony is valid. Many people believe that the Montauk Project is continuing to this day, although much of the information available about it is only rumor.  The Philadelphia Experiment was a key part of American history because it demonstrates what a government is willing to do to have an advantage in war.


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