Profitable Feasibility Study

My latest work:  Feasibility Study re Cavendish Banana Production with Post Harvest Facility

Feasibility Study Cavendish Banana - Cover Feasibility Study Cavendish Banana - page 2

I am willing to offer a copy to interested Agri Investor/s and other Foreigners who wish to do business in the Philippines.

Quote from Voice of America article:

The Philippines may surpass China to be Asia’s fastest growing economy this year, but its bigger challenge is working out how to sustain and share the gains of the past five years to secure longer-term prosperity.

Since President Benigno Aquino came to power in 2010 and embarked on a reform and governance push, the Philippines has become a hot investment favorite and one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Investors now want to know how the Southeast Asian country will be able to sustain fiscal and economic policies that have spurred growth and reduced poverty after Aquino’s term ends next year.

“We think that 2016 is critical in terms of the long-term outlook of the Philippines,” said Eugenia Victorino at ANZ bank.

The Philippines defied the region’s slowdown in the fourth quarter by regaining momentum, bringing full-year growth to 6.1 percent – the fastest expansion in Asia after China.

This year, Aquino is aiming for growth of 7-8 percent, while China’s growth is expected to slow to around 7 percent.


Please do understand that such Feasibility Study is not easy to make, as it require field work, rigid research and experience. The format was based from an international standard outline.
There are other documents related to my Feasibility Study:
  • Specification Tolerance Standard
  • Business Plan
  • Assessing Benefits and Cost of Commercial Banana Production in the Philippines
  • Banana Cultivation guide
  • Others

Interested parties may email me directly at

Light Art Appreciation





















The maker of this blog does not claim ownership to the shown artwork.

But he can produce upon request (canvass print)

Yummy Pancit Malabon

Pancit Malabon3

Who would have thought that “Pancit Malabon” would capture hearts and minds of Filipinos and has gone a long way and soar far greater heights.  Like chicken-pork adobo and other known Philippine cuisine, you can see this noodle dish from Filipino gatherings not just in the Philippines but across the globe.  Where there is a Filipino abroad (overseas Filipino worker/migrants), there is “Pancit Malabon or Pancit Palabok (variation).

The ingredients are simply fat rice noodles, squid, oysters, smoked fish flakes, pork cracklets, shrimps, special sauce, chicharon flakes and duck/chicken eggs laid over.

It obviously originated in the town then Tambobong Malabon Philippines (now divided into two Original eaterymunicipalities, Navotas and Malabon).  It is actually common then since the 1880s and the locals called it “pancit bame.” However, it was only at the onset of 1900’s that Manileños (primarily celebrities) discovered this authentic dish noodle variety when dropping by for food to and from location shootings. They called it “Pancit Malabon” referring to the (only) place where it is found.

The dry firm fat white noodles were made of 70% rice and 30% flour.  Historically, this type of noodles were manufactured then in a particular Bulacan factory (Philippines) till to this day.  The noodles where delivered to small eating sheds on the shoreline where travelers, mostly, buyers and sellers on their way to the market, wait for small boats that transport them.

The pondahan of Caligays developed into a famous and growing chain of restaurants.  The nine enterprising sons and daughters of Pedro and Leonora who took it to themselves to manage the branches.

The Caligay eatery was established in 1911, was in brisk business until a few years after Second World War. It was only closed when no more Caligay clan member was enthusiastic to continue the endeavor.  The Caligay thought that was the end of their “pancit bame” business.

But in 1965, Impong Inay’s grandchildren and now her great-grand children revived the old business this time in the far municipality of Marikina. Before 1965, this family was involved in fishing and patis making. No one ever thought of establishing eateries until Jose saw the potential of the residents in shoemaking, which was then an infant industry (the eldest, who became a monsignor and parish priest of Marikina). Rosa and cousin saw the need for a food booth. They established a food corner, sold “pancit bame” and thereby introduced the townspeople to the dish they started to call “Pancit ng taga Malabon.” After the fair, the residents loved the special noodle dish so much that they ordered from Rosa and cousin for special gatherings (Rosa, the only girl and foundress of Pancit ng taga Malabon chain of restaurants). Because of the food response from the people and the numerous orders, Rosa decided to open a small restaurant along the parish (side) church. Take home food were placed in native bilao of varying sizes.

As years goes by, they innovate both the ingredients and packaging.  Times change but the tradition continues.

From 1966, when the first restaurant “Pancit ng taga Malabon” was opened, several branches were developed one after the other. The first branch along Aurora Boulevard corner Harvard Street came two years later in 1968.  At present, they have seven (7) branches and many copied their recipe and put up their own restaurants and eateries offering this specialty dish.

Note:  Photos are excerpted from Google images

Cavendish Banana Trade

1 Cavendish Banana origin PhilippinesCavendish Banana Trade and export business has proven its worth as a legitimate money making machine even though it passed through so many obstacles the past few years.

We have the experience facilitating export to various countries as Vladivostok Russia, Bulgaria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Egypt and the latest is China.  Unlike before, importing countries are more strict now like China.  This business need to innovate and continually give jobs to many people and added return on investment to its partners.   But easier said than done unless investment are poured to provide the required and needed facility and equipment.Clients are continually inquiring.

0We are not new to this business.  As such, we know the     ins and out how to both administer and cope with the existing challenges.  We monitor almost all aspect of operation till vessel reach its destination port and consignee receive the packed bananas.

Cavendish Banana plantation in Davao region (as far as the eye can see).   A day or a week is not enough to visit all areas.

2 Banana plantation

3 Ready to harvest


4 Properly bagged

4 Ribbon coded

7 With tags on bananas

5 Pest free inside out

6 Harvest with care

8 Cable transport

9 Power hose extra cleaning on bananas before tub

10 Water Tubs (2 tubs)
11 Weighing of bananas
12 Crown protection
 13 Packing 
13 Ethelyn to prolong freshness
15 Top Foam 
18 Container
 20 Hustling

Digital Window Arts

My earlier background is Advertising and Corporate arts but I am still exploring my arts side still to this day. Somehow, I revisited my earlier unfulfilled arts aspiration.  Although this type of  art is only simple, I did something different utilizing digital arts.

Bintanaw series #4 (Heritage Sites)

Theme:  Philippine heritage site and tourist destination

“Bintanaw” – combined filipino word “bintana” (window) and “tanaw” (see through).


Theme:  Historical Architecture


Theme:  Global Geographic wonders

Bintanaw - Old photos series #1 (Rizal Avenue Manila 1900s)

Theme: Vintage photos (old Manila)

Aside from Window framed artworks, I can also produce plain type:

Theme: Vintage


Theme:  Iconic Photos (Music –  Beetles)

Shirley Temple

Theme:  Iconic photos (Hollywood vintage – Shirley Temple)


Theme:  Iconic photos (Historical)

R2 D2

Theme:  Sci-Fi (Star Wars)

Mona Liza

Theme:  Famous  paintings

Below are labeled as top 10 most expensive paintings in the world:

1 The Card Players by Paul Cézanne (2011)

1. The Card Players by Paul Cézanne (2011)

2 La Rêve (The Dream) by Pablo Picasso (1932)

2. La Rêve (The Dream) by Pablo Picasso (1932)

3 Three Studies of Lucian Freud by Francis Bacon (1969)

3. Three Studies of Lucian Freud by Francis Bacon (1969)

4 Number 5 by Jackson Pollock (1948)

4. No. 5 by Jackson Pollock (1948)

5 Woman III by Willem de Kooning (period of 1951 to 1953)

5. Woman III by Willem de Kooning (period of 1951 to 1953)

6  Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer I by Gustav Klimt (Jewish-owned art rescued from the Nazi looting Second World War)

6. Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer I by Gustav Klimt (Jewish-owned art rescued from the Nazi looting Second World War)

7  The Scream by Edvard Munch (1895)

7. The Scream by Edvard Munch (1895)

8  Flag by Jasper Johns (1958)

8. Flag by Jasper Johns (1958)

9  Nude Green Leaves and Bust by Pablo Picasso (1932)

9. Nude Green Leaves and Bust by Pablo Picasso (1932)

10  Silver Car Crash [Double Disaster]  by Andy Warhol (1932)

10. Silver Car Crash [Double Disaster] by Andy Warhol (1932)

If given the chance and right investment funding, I can explore digital arts further.

I believe there is a market for reproduction as not everyone can afford the cost expensive paintings and artworks.  There is also a demand for artwork based on memorable moment.

Below are my other Bintanaw version:

Bintanaw series #2 (sunrise-sunset)

Theme:  Sunrise-Sunset (part of a series)Bintanaw series #13 (Philippines Falls)

Theme:  Water falls (part of a series)Bintanaw series #12 (Philippines Fishing Industry)

Theme:  Fisheries (part of a series)Bintanaw series #11 (Philippines Awesome Beaches)

Theme:  Beaches in the Philippines (part of a series)Bintanaw series #10 (Planting Rice in the Philippines)

Theme:  Agriculture (part of a series)Bintanaw series #9 (Christmas in the Philippines)

 Theme:  Christmas in the Philippines (part of a series)

Bintanaw series #8 (Philippine Festival)

Theme:  Philippine Festivals (part of a series)Bintanaw series #7 (Filipino Food)

Theme:  Filipino delicacies and cuisines (part of a series)Bintanaw series #6 (Philippine folk dance)

Theme:  Filipino folk and cultural dance (part of a series)Bintanaw series #5 (Filipino traits and values)

Theme:  Filipino traits and values (part of a series)Bintanaw series #1 (memorable clan photos)

Theme:  Memorable Family photos (part of a series)

This business has a market as digital prints cost far lower than the original.

Note:  The author of this blog does not claim ownership to the main photographic images.  All are digitized works and are excerpted from google images.

Sculpture Review Philippines

Just check out some of the works of my countrymen…

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32

National Art Fair Philippines


You can appreciate Filipino paintings if you visit the exhibit in person and view the artworks nearer.  Actually what was shown are just tip of the iceberg.  With my exposure to Philippine Visual Arts since 18 century till present is remarkable and astounding.  One could not believe how competitive and beautiful the masterpieces.  Some of the 19th century works of arts could be confused with European masters and it even beaten known painters in the East and West in those era.  As for the modern era, the paintings even rose to greater heights in terms of style, color combination and artistry in both abstract and realism.
2 3 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 24 25 27 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 IMG_20140926_154813 IMG_20140926_154822 IMG_20140926_154914 IMG_20140926_154921 IMG_20140926_154944 IMG_20140926_154956 IMG_20140926_155004 IMG_20140926_155140 IMG_20140926_155143 IMG_20140926_155150 IMG_20140926_155156 IMG_20140926_155232 IMG_20140926_155306 IMG_20140926_155400 IMG_20140926_155521 IMG_20140926_155527 IMG_20140926_155546 IMG_20140926_155620 IMG_20140926_155638 IMG_20140926_155736 IMG_20140926_155750 IMG_20140926_155802 IMG_20140926_155911 IMG_20140926_155936 IMG_20140926_155954 IMG_20140926_160059 IMG_20140926_160102 IMG_20140926_160155 IMG_20140926_160211 IMG_20140926_160216 IMG_20140926_160239 IMG_20140926_160342 IMG_20140926_160347

I viewed Green Philippines Trade Fair


The Solar Panel and Green Business is starting to flourish in the Philippines.  If given the right partner collaboration and investment, I can market this thing.  Hopefully, I can built one house or church or building with solar pannel as one big display and clear show to all in the Philippines. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 IMG_20140925_211144 IMG_20140926_115231 IMG_20140926_115253 IMG_20140926_115256 IMG_20140926_115316 IMG_20140926_115511 IMG_20140926_115640

Aug 24 is “Kalamay Fiesta” in San Leonardo Nueva Ecija (Sticky Rice Cake)

Kalamay Lansong

One of “Kalamay” variety (sticky rice cake) is “Kalamay Sunsong.” Awesome festivity in my parents hometown.

Kalamay cooking process - large pan we call talyase

Procedure is a bit old fashioned and physically exhausting

Kalamay sunsong with latik or cooked coconut oil as topings

Finish product is somehow fulfilling and delicious.

Most cut them to pieces for easy swallowing.

The blog owner does not claim ownership on all photos above.

(excerpted from google images)

Service Oriented Church in Tagaytay City Philippines for Foreigners and Locals

When a person is down in the world, an ounce of help is better than a pound of preaching.
-Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton




This blog does not claim ownership the the shown photos (excerpted from google images).

This writer to this blog is actually a part of a small international church in Tagaytay City Philippines, International Christian Fellowship.  Instead of joining a well facilitated church with extravagant facilities and building, he rather join a simple service oriented church that could not even pay for a nice facility but has a big heart in serving its few attendees. Among them are Foreign and Local Senior citizen, Cancer patients, poor member, children of all walks of like, and other people in the community (e.g. with weekly service at Drug Rehabilitation Institution, Policemen, Firemen, Special Children, etc.)

IMG_0103 IMG_0199 IMG_0098 IMG_1249 WP_000838 WP_000740 WP_000743 tn 293088_405589572841534_816817089_n IMG_2234


For request, support and inquiry, anyone can attend or communicate directly to ICFT…