Republic Plaza Singapore – Superb Inside Out

If I will be given a chance to visit again Singapore, I will not be contented f I will not see Republic Plaza.  I first tour Singapore 2005.   I basically maximize my time then but among the places that’s been amusing to me was when my went to Raffles Place where my brother works.  I went to so many buildings but one thing that struct me inside out is again I will say Republic Plaza.  I took some pictures then but only its exterior perspective as I don’t know if I will be permitted to takes shots inside.  The visit was very brief so I only entered lobbies and few floors.  I can say that

almost everything was quite impressive from structural frame work to  interior lay-out to elevator speed and tenants’ offices design.  I visit again last December 2011 but I was not lucky to enter because it was Sunday.  If given the chance and permission including sponsorship, I would like to revisit how the building has evolve and improve over the years and I want to wrote articles about it.

Per my last trip, I also noticed that a number of new buildings and areas near raffles and Marina were developed.

Hope in the near future, I will get a chance and invitation to explore other buildings and developments not just in Singapore but also in Dubai, Qatar, other Middle East Countries, USA, Canada, China, European countries and the Asia Pacific including Australia and New Zealand.

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