Inverted Nipples

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A person with inverted nipples are commonly ashamed and afraid to ask what’s going on.  It’s actually a phenomenon.   Nonetheless, if there is a feeling of arousal, fatigue or sweathing, the nipple usually shows.

Description:  The nipples are usually “pouched” in the breast rather than the usual.

There are medical options if the person is not comfortable with his inverted nipple, but he/she must first consult his trusted doctor for right advise and diagnosis.

AVATAR rocks!

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I simply could not deny that I liked AVATAR after watching it.  It’s a combination of many memorable and blockbuster movies put into one, yet new ideas were obviously injected.  

What I like best of this movie is its subliminal approach and eye opener scenes that teaches viewer to respect other culture and the environment for common good of all.  Somehow it also exposes the dirty side of politics.   Nonetheless, it can educate any form of viewers. 

To me, the main character is more than pigment of the writer-director’s immagination.  Although I do not know the director personally, somehow I clearly see James Cameron in the main character.  His intention to educate seem to be above his intention to earn and be applauded. 

This film is simply two thumbs up!