Apple Tablet is Another Money Making Machine

Apple is good in providing what people want.  This what makes their innovative products one fo the best sought in the world.   Apple Tablet is anticipatedly to be another next bigh thing in the electronic and business world.  This surely will provide them more revenues.

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Brad Angelina Split Not True

Rumors is the price for being famous.

As sources say, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Split Rumors is not true.  It was just blown out of proportion as they are famous.  

Another source says the split reports, which were first published in a British tabloid, are “totally false.”

Life is normal to both and business as usual for the busy couple – movie shoots, family outings, charity work. 

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India Commemmorates Republic Day

It was on 1950 when India had its new constitution after gaining their indipendence from Britain in 1947.  It didn’t turn-out smoothly as India gone through various transitional phases.  Nonetheless, they are now commemorating Republic Day in remembrance of one fo their historic experience.

India now is considered one of the countries to watch in this new century, inspite of their present condition.  Their fast rising economy and diplomatic global role is something the world could ignore.