Top Search Sites

This search engine combs through the largest and most current database of Web pages on the Internet.
Popular search engine and web guide.
One of the first and most popular search engines is now a full-fledged portal.
This search engine has a great advanced query function.
One of the most popular search engines on the Internet.
This excellent Internet guide also has a search engine.
Earn money while searching the internet.
Interactive guides to major U.S cities.
Designed to search the ‘Net using pictures, not text, Ditto! directs users to the originating web site on which the pictures are located
Search over 60 search engines in one click. Also, has affiliate program for adding a search engine to your website.
 Northern Light
A news and government search engine.
At, you will not get 8 million search results, but a select targeted result!
Enhance your site with free tools like guest books, Search engines, polls and top 50s.
Promote your site.
LookSmart is the world’s largest company focused exclusively on search and navigation.
Offers multiple search tools.
Mother of All Search Engines.
Search engine and web guide.
Lyco’s popular search engine.
Document management.
Real-language search engine.
This meta search engine provides results from several web guides.
 whatUseek Network
A meta search engine.
Search specifically focused on the automotive industry.
White pages, yellow pages, e-mail, public records, and business credit search.
Performs searches of several top engines, Usenet groups and more.
 ProFusion Search Engine
Search engine developed by Kansas University.
 Ask Jeeves
Pose a question and Jeeves will retrieve the answer.
An advanced search technology company.
A human-edited directory of links that give the link and a description of each site, along with the date the link was added. A nice feature is that all sites are reviewed within 24-hours of submission.
 Raging Search
An easy to use, no frills, no banners search engine from AltaVista.
Performs searches of several top engines.
A next generation Web Search that delivers three types of search results.
Keyword search engine and Web guide.
Search engine listing over 575 million URLs with a goal of a billion within the next few years.
A meta search engine.
Fast, relevant searches with the top results pointing to the most active companies and web sites in any given topic.
Search for businesses using their real name.
 Search Engine Watch
Authoritative guide to searching online.
 ICQ Search
Search the Internet or browse through ICQ’s directory of popular topics.
Search for Web sites, audiofiles, stocks, pictures and more.
Index of the top seven sites in several popular categories.
With an average of 40 million page impressions and over 2.3 million unique users per month, is Canada’s gateway to the World Wide Web.
Includes a unique auction search.
 Search Galore
Just type what you want and search!
 MP3 Search
Search for your favourite songs.
Search engine that turns your cursor into a useful miniature tool bar when held over the results.
 Highway 61
Finally, a search site for the 21st century!
 Search Hippo
Ultra-fast, Ultra-accurate 64 bit web search!
 US Search
Find lost family members or friends or order a background check on them.
Your personal advisor.
Navigate, Communicate and Explore the Internet!
A concept-driven approach to finding the right information.
A Search Engine That Provides Web Site Information, including email addresses, location, age and site popularity.
Partners with webmasters to setup their own money making search engines.
 Pico Search
Enable your website visitors to search your own site.
Fast relevant search results.
A keyword search engine.
A clean, fine-tuned engine for quick access to the information you want, when you want it.
Popular search engine community with free chat, mp3 sites!
Government search engine.
The most intelligent search engine on the web!
An advertiser-developed search engine.
Free navigation software to improve your web surfing.
 All The Web
Search all the web all the time.
Keyword search engine.
A meta search engine.
 Event Jar
Cultural events search engine and ticket resource.
Search engine from CompuServe Interactive Services.
Bid for Location Search Portal focusing on music, love and advice.
A powerful international Internet search engine that provides you with the best search results available !
Arts and culture festivals search engine.
Offers access to major search engines in one convenient place with searching tips.
 GlobalTech 2000
Offers search engine ranking improvement services.
 Direct Hit
Ranks search results based on what others have selected as the most relevant and popular sites for your search request.
A subscriber-based business search engine.
This meta search engine provides results from several popular search engines.
37 search engines in one.
Keyword search engine.
The guide to searching at Internet search engines and search engine registration and ranking issues.
 National Archives & Records Administration
Searchable databases of historical government records.
 News Library
U.S. newspaper search engine.
Kid-friendly interactive search engine.
Selection of new government search engines.
Searches for PC game-related sites.
Search engine ranking improvement service.
 Search Engine World
By webmasters for webmasters.
Provides access to numerous general and topic-oriented search engines.
Celebrity-themed search engine.
 Public Record
Links to free public record sites.
Fast keyword search engine.
 Search Enginez
Search engines for anything – one stop for all your searching needs.
Meta search engine.
Arab regional search engine.
 Search China
Chinese-language search engine.
 Search Engines
Search engine resource centre.
 Search Engine Watch
Provides news and analysis from the search engine industry.
Where You Rule The Web!
Dutch search engine.
Directory of search engines.

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