Toyota recall list:

According to Toyota, production of eight models at six North American assembly plants will be stoped for the week of Feb. 1.  The models represented 57 percent of Toyota’s 2009 US sales, according to the Wall Street Journal which represets some of America’s best-selling models( Camry and Corolla). 

Toyota Cars that have the problems (to be recalled or subject to a sales suspension):

• RAV4 (2009-10 models)

• Corolla (2009-10)

• Camry (2007-10)

• Matrix hatchback (2009-10)

• Avalon large sedan (2005-10)

• Highlander crossover (2010)

• Tundra pickup (2007-10)

• Sequoia large SUV (2008-10) 

The reason for recall is due to problems with gas pedal mechanisms that may cause the accelerator to get stuck, triggering sudden acceleration.  Toyota is considering a recall of 2 million cars in Europe, as well.

Photos are excerpt from google images


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