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We also offer Banana Chips, Coconurt  Sugar, Banana Chips, Pineapples, etc.

Peculiar Christmas gift

I can’t forget when one of my less fortunate co-employee told me how he wanted his daughter to have a guitar and Christian songs. Surprisingly, he passed away days later. While others brought flowers and money to his wake, I came with a guitar and a few Christian songs recorded. I have not uttered encouraging words or Bible verses but action truly speaks louder than words. It may not happen to most of us but I realized that the best Christmas gift is not wrapped items or money to well-off peers and family member. The best gift is help and hope to someone who could not even repay us out of desperation and poverty.

Hope this Christmas I could be a blessing to a cancer patients.

Unique Handbags from Philippines

See for yourself

See for your self…


Wicker Handbags

There’s more and these are available for export from the Philippines
In clear plain polybags, then in carton boxes. Samples:Sample handbags can be ordered at any quantity. Full payment for samples including courier cost should be settled first via Telegraphic Transfer prior to shipment of samples via Fedex. Kindly notify us if you have an account with your chosen courier service, so we can arrange freight collect shipment.
Lead time/ Production capacity:
Approx. 300-500 pcs per week depending on handbag design and availability of materials.

Minimum Order:300 pieces (atleast 20 pieces per chosen design).

5-10% discount can be given according to the quantity of order
(for bulk orders only).

EXW Prices
(Freight Collect. Local charges to be paid by the buyer)

Our stylish fashion handbags are made from buntal and sabutan fiber. Prices are a bit higher compared to ordinary native handbags of China because of the extra-ordinary material used and the excellent quality from weaving of material to attaching the trimmings. Production time is 2-3weeks for every 300pcs.

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