Another Aftershock in Haiti – 6.2

Haiti has been hit again by another earthquake aftershock measured 6.1 on the Richter scale and was centered about 59 km north-east of Port-au-Prince.  Although there was no threat of tsunami as it was far enough inland, the traumatized people of Haiti again was distress. The aftershock was felt on around 6:00pm ET.  It again caused panic and disturbance.   As per… Read More Another Aftershock in Haiti – 6.2

7.0-magnitude Earthquake hits Haiti

  Haiti Presidential Palace before the earthquake Strong earthquake smashed a portion of Haiti, causing extensive damages including the presidential palace, cathedrals, buildings and various communication facilities.   Further details are still to be confirmed as per reports of widespread casualties.  There were reports that the ground shook for more than a minute, and was followed… Read More 7.0-magnitude Earthquake hits Haiti