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Other ways to help

Pictures tell it all why most Filipinos are in grief, instead of party mood in anticipation of Christmas season. The author does not claim ownership to the following photos. 

Many have cancelled their Christmas parties and instead of celebrating the season’s festive mood, a lot have decided to donated whatever they can afford for the victims through government agencies,  private sector and non-government initiative services (mostly cash, food, clothes).

I appreciate how Filipino values unite us in this time of difficulty.. everyone tries their best to reach out to the victims.  Many are already concentrated to immediate needs giving.  It’s the best thing to do at the moment and I am thankful that many did that.   But if  you are thinking of donating with focus on rehabilitation and long term support, I suggest you also take into consideration the famous quotation as many are already concentrated to immediate needs of victims:

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he can feed himself for life.”

Per my own knowledge of the area, poverty and abuse of mother nature is the main reason for this devastation. This includes illegal logging, irresponsible mining and abuse of rivers for their livelihood.   The provinces involved are actually rich in natural resources but many are still into poverty due to lack of knowledge and capital funding.

If a foundation or someone is willing to invest, I can extend my support through my experience in Feasibility Study making, Business Plan making and establishing of Packing House Trading Business, Consultancy work and Fund Management in leading donor or investor to reliable people or institution for a longer term development plan.  I can help but I need support for few days/weeks stay in the chosen area inclusive of transportation and miscellaneous expenses.  In my previous visit in the region, many are cheaters and scammers exploiting good people intention.  Donors or institution needs someone who will represent them for their security and their donations.  Same with the buyers and importers, they also need someone who knows the area to avoid being victimized.

I facilitate export of Cavendish Banana, pineapple, sea foods, vegetables and products in the region of Mindanao.  One (1) container van order of banana alone help a lot of localities in the are to move forward with their lives (e.g. many are employed as packing workers, quality inspector, workers from container provider, truck driver and owner). The government earns through taxes.  Below are my previous works and with minimal grant for research and capital funding, many people will have work and earnings for long term effect.  With my business plan or feasibility study, I/you can help many families and Investors/Donors will earn as well through return on investment.   My past work is not to be given right away.  I need grant-support to make what is appropriate for that area. The grant-support will be used for miscellaneous & travel expenses to stay for days or probably weeks, at the same time to know who are eligible to receive grant funding such as private individual, institution or cooperative.

Feasibility Study and Business Plan are both available

I did this Moringa Plantation and Processing Feasibility and Business Plan for developers in Tanzania Africa but was also requested in other countries.   I need further grant if one investor require advance embryo cultivation as this needs to capture the technology from one farm in the Philippines.

Maize/Corn Cultivation and Milling

Hardware and Software Development (Japan Technology)

Rice Grain Trading

Scrap Metal Export and Smelting

I can make one for other type of investment potential.  I can also facilitate livelihood seminar workshop and other form of donation management through the local Pastors and Christian Churches I can tap.   Till to this day, I am in support of  Pastors, churches and communities within my reach through various projects I personally organized (e.g. donation of pencils to school children and Sunday Schools, Free Vitamin A to fight malnutrition as supported by Sight and Life Switzerland, grocery items for Pastors, Newsletter support, Livelihood seminars, Cancer patient support, etc.)

If I can be of help to you or to your foundation, I am willing to offer my services.  I can be reach through my direct email:  denissalvatierra@yahoo.com

Images are excerpted from Google images

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