Jasper Schuringa

from Facebook

Thank God for “Jasper Schuringa.”  He may have been an ordinary passenger but he literally saved the passengers of Detroit Flight 253 on Christmas Day!  

To sum up the incident, Jasper Schuringa was one of the passengers.  He said that around 30 minutes from landing he heard somewhat a firecracker like sound and panic as someone was yelling, “Fire! Fire!”  As he himself saw smoke in the cabin, he realized that something was wrong.  Jasper saw the Nigerian Abdulmutallab’s pants were open and holding a burning object between his legs. He then acted without thinking, leaping 3 of 4 rows forward to confront the alleged terrorist by jumping to him and took him into a headlock and bought him to ground.  As to his words, Jasper pulled the object from him and tried to extinguish the fire with his hands and threw it away.  Others nearby passangers and crew decided to help and the fire burning at Abdulmutallab’s legs was put out with fire extinguishers and blankets.  Jasper’s hands are pretty burned but he is fine and said the he has shaken up.   He also said that he is happy to be there.”  I am giving the credits to CNN for the main source of information. 

This incident somehow reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas.  It’s about saving lives in unexpected manner by the least person we usually never thought he could do.  God’s ways are truly not our ways. Jasper Schuringa is a hero to many and his deeds somehow brings us back to heart of Christmas and the reason behind the season.  

Let me leave you with the infamous Christmas song, “We are the reason” by David Meece.  This song somehow tells the true meaning of Christmas in a way that most of us seem to forget.