There is Money in Junk

I did not know that there is money from Scraps and Junk items until I was assigned to it (I previously worked as Admin Supervisor for a corporate firm).  Later, I was even exposed to international scrap trading through a Singaporean partner.   Below are some of the scrap items I handled in the past when I still work for a big firm in Makati City Philippines:

Who would have thought that even a total loss vehicle has value.  I was able to haggle higher price for below scrap vehicles.?   Other firms just throw them as trash.

Total Loss Vehicles (as declared by Insurance Firms)

Salvage Parts from Total Loss Vehicles (as declared by Insurance Firms)

Scrap Metal (HMS 1&2 and Used Rails)

Other Related  Items I sold were Scrap Paper, Scrap Tires, Scrap Cloth/Leather (or fire or water damaged factory items).

I still have the connections both for local and international (subject to inspection).  If you are interested or would want me to sell your items, just e-mail me at