Rice Wholesale-Retail Trading BizPlan


I again did a Rice Wholesale-Retail Business Plan per request of a Cavitena  (Filipina).  It’s not a “pwede na yan” or copy-paste thing as I immersed, researched a lot and did actual field interviews. Most of the request came from OFW as they can use it to loan capital at OWA.

I can now provide a more detailed and updated Rice Wholesale-Retail Business Plan

Like what I did for other requesting party, I made it as realistic as possible and tailored made, reader friendly and you can already start with your business as there are step by step guide and pricing.

If you are going to pursue your desired business, I need to ask where are you base and where do you intend to establish your Rice Trading business? 

I ask because the location is important.  Price also fluctuates regularly.

Most who earlier requested are OFW as they are using it to acquire loan at OWA.  I also receive request from Foreigners.  Are you an OFW?  

My Business Plan are far different  from works of other maker (“tumbok mo agad through a step by step guide how to start right away.  Kita mod din agad ang expenses and income as I did field research and actual operation study).  I also visited miller suppliers plan and study variety sample as shown photos.

I won’t pretend to know it all but I have more than enough experience for your requirement.

Other requests in the past are are as follows:

  • Moringa Cultivation and Processing Feasibility and Business Plan
  • Cavendish Banana Farming and Export Potential
  • Software and Hardware Development
  • There’s more

Rice wholesale-retail bizplan cover (with email)

Rice wholesale-retail bizplan content (with email)

Rice wholesale-retail bizplan Rice Varieties

Rice Trading2

Email me directly at denissalvatierra@ysembawangtrading.co@gmail.com if you are interested.



Old Fashioned Miniature Houses and Wood crafts

My arts is non-traditional.  This time, I am desiring for a craft that is also a potential business:

  • Birds House
  • Miniature Toy House
  • Cabinet House
  • Other related






















e79061ed9f0015c2fad8b36169bf0702 (1)




They maybe old fashioned but this kind of craft are close to the heart of people, especially the children and promote values.  As such, there is a market for these and if given the fund grant, it will take a long way in terms of income and return on investment.

Yes, machine made Christmas decors from China are cheaper but handcrafted are still prefer by many as they are natural and heartwarming.  If given the chance, I intend to establish a store for such soon.  If I will be supported by a grantee or investor, online shop is also possible.

I do not claim ownership to the actual designs and photos.  Images are excerpted.



People will still buy Philippine Cavendish Bananas no matter what

Packing14Can’t believe the crazy pricing and fluctuation in Cavendish Banana import-export industry.  Buyer still buy even price is crazy high.

We now seek new long term buyers.  Interested buyers can email me directly at sembawangtrading.co@gmail.com for further details.  See below for actual operation video clips





Cheap Creative Services

Help me help youI am more of an entrepreneur now than an artist.  Come to think of it, I was able to 1nestablished an export-trading business through just capitalizing on my skills and experience in the arts, corporate admin and basic international exposure.  I am willing to offer my services to those who need it:

  • Feasibility Study (my work has been requested in Asia, African countries and selected European countries for years now)
  • Business Plan
  • Product Sourcing
  • Business Registration (Preferably in the Philippines)
  • Creative Sales or Services (e.g. basic website development, brochures, pamphlet, logo, company profile, Trademark, Letterhead, other related)
  • Sales Support or List of Buyers for a particular products
  • Brand/Trademark design and/or Registration
  • Boosting of Sales through online Sales through online Trade Sites (e.g. Alibaba, tradekey, etc.)
  • Finding buyers from China and other countries
  • Operation Monitoring
  • Critical Areas in Business Losses Prevention
  • I do the sales myself most of the time.
  • Export Sales List and Mapping to counter cheating and non-compliance to agreement
  • Presentation or Video clip.
  • Investment opportunities
  • Others (you may mention your requirement; I will reply if workable on my part)

“Help me help you!”

You may inquire at sembawangtrading.co@gmail.com

We Seek New Long Term Buyers

We are capable to deliver Fresh Quality Cavendish Banana.

email us directly at sembawangtrading.co@gmail.com



Interested buyer/importer can email me directly at sembawangtrading.co@gmail.com

Cav Banana, et al

We export all-in pack





You can email me directly at sembawangtrading.co@gmail.com

We also offer Banana Chips, Coconurt  Sugar, Banana Chips, Pineapples, etc.

Cavendish Banana is Food, Jobs and sure ROI

Can’t image life without Banana.  Can you?

This tropical fruit is so ordinary, yet many people can’t live without it.

Size of cavendish bananas range from around 15–25 cm in length and are one of Philippine’s top export products.  It has its uses either for direct human consumption or industrial ingredients/use.  It can be found in many recipes and are used in baking,  fruit salads, wine making, and so fort and so on.  Bananas can be ripen naturally or through a process as practiced by importers.   Unlike common bananas, it is quite bigger in size.

As sort of a trivia, Cavendish Bananas are named in honour of William Cavendish, 6th Duke of Devonshire.  Who acquired an early specimen, and from whose hothouses the cultivars were developed for commercial exploitation worldwide.  Source: Wikipedia

Unknown to many, this is more than a delicious food or ingredients.  This is multi-million Dollar export business.  Cavendish Bananas are offered for export in various weight packing:  18kg, 13.5kg, 7.2kg and 4.7kg (or depends on customer’s preference).  Minimum order is commonly 1-2  40ft Reefer Container, shipped by a cargo vessels.  One of our biggest buyers are Iran and other Middle East countries.  They mostly buy on a weekly basis or 1 year contract.

We seek Joint Venture/Investor Partner.  Our credible Business Plan is available upon request at denissalvatierra@yahoo.com

Believe me, Cavendish Banana is sure ROI at a short period of time.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Agriculture Investment

I used to work for a corporate firm (8am to 5pm job), having been expose to almost all sorts of office task including earlier background on visual design and advertising.  But after more than 10 years in office duties, I decided to shifted to commodity trading after I went to Singapore on 2005 (mentored by a Singaporean).  My start was a sort of trial and error (e.g. crude oil, scrap metal, seafoods, agricultural products, etc.).  Later I concentrated on agriultural products primarily on cavendish banana and rice as I seem to fit on it.  As others have said, “you can’t go wrong if you are happy with what you are doing and/or if you invest in agriculture.”

above image is a ripe cavendish banana

I just tried on offering bananas as per request of an acquaintance business woman.  In a matter of one week, I my self could not believe that a Lebanese client arrived and asked me to book himself and his wife to a five star hotel in the Manila.  After few a few day talks and presentation, my client handed me advance downpayment in cash (US$). Weeks later, my partner were shipping containers of Cavendish Bananas to Jeddah, Dubai UAE, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Egypt and other Middle East countries.   Little did I knew then that exporting bananas is a profitable venture and has been highly demanded mosly in the Middle East.  At times, you need not seek buyers because they always come seeking sellers like you as what happened to me.  But be careful as there are also lots of scammers in this business.  Beside Middle East, other countries also import Philippine Cavendish bananas as it is one of the most favored in the world.

If you knew the farm in Mindanao, you will be surprise how large the plantation is and continue to supply though importers  demands are getting bigger and bigger as times goes by.  It’s just that I noticed something… price at times could not be controlled or lowered because capitalization for operation is too limitted.  Unless a foreign investor is willing to joint venture with us.

I am a partner to highly credible former managers of known global brands.  Our skills and years of experience in this business is very reliable but the investment is our limitation to be highly competitive.  Let me show you some photos…

If you have the capacity to invest and would want a long years ROI, below is a highly credible offer with earning capacity beyond usual investment for short period of time…

The Investment Opportunity: 85 hectar Cavendish Banana Plantation located in the heart of world renowned Philippine plantation of Cavendish Bananas and other trophical fruits, not to mention the bountiful harvest capacity and export opportunity. (fully functional already – being offered by a government Bank, back-up by our team’s expertise and long years of experience).

Rest assured that the bank will directly arrange a tripartite agreement between bank, investor and the developer to safeguard the interest of the investors.

Expenses incurred in the operation will be address to the bank where  the investors money deposited.

All sales proceeds from production will be deposited in the bank until such time all capital expenditures has been fully paid within 5 years.

Net profit after tax deductions will be shared according to percentage  20% investors, 80% for the bank and the developer.

Attached are the following:

1. Five years projected operating cost

2. Five years cash flow projection

3. Five years profit & loss per hectare per year

4. Other Remarks…

Please do no hesistate to reply for your comments and remarks.  Other detailed information, accounting costing and feasibility study are all available upon request at denissalvatierra@yahoo.com

Investors can be assured of their money’s security as the investment are well taken care by the bank itself for manageable accounting and disbursement and ROI.  The farm is already operational and produced more than enough supply on a regular basis.  The team are highly experience and trustworthy (former managers and consultants of known global brands of Cavendish Banana and pineapple. We are able and our experience is more than enough to handle this project.  What we just need is investment… like gas to a car.   Believe it or not, it can shipped on a weekly basis to the Middle East and other parts of the world.  We just need a joint venture partner-investor.

Financial Plan (pls click to link below)


YouTube Presentation:


Other details you can inquired at denissalvatierra@yahoo.com

If in any case you are also interested with Moringa, below are my articles…







AIG Asia for $35.5B

As per gathered report, Prudential UK is about to enter into a deal to buy AIG Asia for $25.5 Billion in cash and $10.5 Billion in new shares and other securities.

The world awaits of futher development as it will lead life insurer in South East Asia and in China and India when it combine.