Life Goes On even on Flooded Areas

Flood again devastate large areas in Norther Luzon Philippines.  Thanks to government and private sector for the immediate rescue and reliief operations.

I think its 2006 or 2007 when World Bank Philippines invited me to view the film Inconvenient Truth (a film about the effects and forecast about climate change).  What an enlightening film bad sad to say, only a few took it seriously.  Now we are seeing the clear and present danger and none cannot deny that this is it.

But life must go on and we can all learn from floating structures or other survival alternative ways already been done in many areas and countries:

Survival Boat from recycled items as plastic bottles

Moringa (Malunggay)  can purify water for drinking purposes

Floating Shelter for people victimized by flood

Floating Farm

Floating Fish Cage

Floating Animal Cage

Floating Marketplace

Floating Cottage Restaurant (Bohol)

Barge Greenhouse Farm

Another type of floating farm

Another  type of floating farm

There’s more.

One need not be an architect or a rocket scientist to survive in a flooded area.   If you don’t have an Investor, one can start from scraps and ordinary materials.

The make of this blog does not claim ownership to the images.   Photos are excerpt from Google images