Gmail now has phone feature

Steven Spielberg hasn’t thought about it before he filmed E.T.  The Extra Terrestrial.  If it were shown today, E.T. could have use Gmail as it now has phone call feature for its users.  An alien technology is now a fact:  Phone calls are now available at Gmail as officially declared by Google.  Once a 404 in cyber space is now made possible by Google, to simplify the approach in calling through a computer.  This technology has unified Gmail and Google’s Voice Technology.

Seriously, the users can simply check the box next to Google Chat in their list of forwarding phones and the next time someone calls their Google Voice number, to get started.   Gmail will notify them of an incoming call.

Furthermore, Gmail users can link their Google Voice accounts with their Gmail.  It was assured to be normal as always.  And it will ring when someone is calling the Google Voice numbers.  At the same time, number will appear on the incoming call screen.  The international calls will be funded by Google Voice account yet isn’t required to use the service of such.  Calls to phone numbers in the U.S. and Canada will be free, and will cost 2 cents a minute to several other countries such as France and the U.K.   Another good news is that Google has no plans to raise rates beyond 2010.  Yet it will cost a little more to call mobile phones in countries outside the U.S.

Isn’t it great?  Nonetheless, it is still under testing per reported by a known Tech site.

Gmail users can expect a healthy competition with Skype, as the most well-known VoIP provider in the world to date.  Google Apps customers should not expect for this feature yet, but there is a possibility in the near future.  Who knows, a business-friendly version of this technology would soon be introduce!

Please be well informed that the service won’t be available on mobile devices at the moment.

Make no wild assumptions; Google is not aspiring in making this feature available through either mobile browser or an Android application as reiterated by Eric Schmidt, Google CEO.

In the contrary, there is a plan to install free Google Voice phone booths in public and crowded areas around the U.S. as terminals, airports and universities and shopping malls.

Check your  Gmail now and experience it yourself.