How to win an Investor?

Keep it short and simple, yet provide a unique easy to grasp high impact business proposal. In real life, investors are too busy to waste time to lengthy presentations.

If you’re an Entrepreneur who wishes to win a genuine investment, check below for our suggestions:

• Create a purpose driven business plan with social impact.
• Don’t just make a mission statement. Make it like a Mantra
• Get going and get real.
• Don’t be afraid to make a product which suits only a small group a people.
• Be realistic with your business model.
• Introduce a unique user friendly product with achievable marketing.
• 10-20-30: no more than 10 slides in a presentation; no more than 20 minutes to present; and 30 point font size letters (max of 15 pages for the business plan and use Verdana font with point 10 or bigger).
• Don’t pretend to have it all. Hire people better than yourself.

I suggest below link for a more precise suggestions.

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