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How to obtain funds for your business?

Source of Capital:

  1. Working Capital Loans
  2. Investors
  3. Equity (sell shares) 

Working Capital Loans are commonly gear towards quick cash, especially for emergencies and are tapped to increase cash flow of a business for whatever reason it may have.  Their common purposes are as follows:

  • They are short-term loans meant to increase your cash flow.
  • They are often used to fund the daily operations of your business. 

Types of Investors:


Angels are basically rich individuals that are willing and capable to invest, inline with their preference and procedure.  

Venture Capitalists

These are professional investors will commit not just finances, but time and efforts as well.

Other Sources Of Private Equity Funds

Banks, financial institutions and insurance companies

Over-The-Counter (OTC) Capital

OTC Capital is a trading platform for unlisted companies to raise S$5 million in 12 months. 

Points to Ponder: 

Study further for clear understanding Equity Financing.

Have it analyze when, how much and why sell a share of your business in exchange for funds.

Start-Ups And Equity

Start-ups seed stage attracts different investors from those in a more advanced stage of development. 

Identifying Investors

The type of investors you need will depend on what stage of development your business is in.  

Note: Better to seek professional counsel for all of the above points.

How to establish your business in Singapore?

Answer first the question, “Why in Singapore?” 

Among the industrialzied countries, many new and growing businesses nowadays chose Singapore primarily because of its reputation and stability in terms of economic and facility.  Other needs to reposition their office in a competitive trading nation for added sales and reliability.”  These are credible based on facts and figures.  As per our own study, I was able to get some reasons and statistical reports:   

  • Singapore is strategically located near ASEAN manufacturing countries and are considered the center of commodity trading in the world
  • Singapore bridge the gap in commodity trading
  • Efficient Facility
  • Better Air and Sea ports.
  • SMRT complements workforce and business establishments
  • Comfortable living
  • Nice recreation for our guest is awesome
  • And a lot more which is enough reason to get the respect of both partners and investors, in and out of Singapore

 According to World Bank, “Singapore is the cheapest place to start a business in Asia.”

  “The 2nd most profitable place for investors,” according to Global 2003, BERI

As for start-up firms or aspiring foreign entrepreneurs, he/she must first formulate a viable business plan to pass the approval of concerned Singapore government agency to obtain the licesence and permits needed. In relation to the requirement, work permit/working Visa for himself and his immediate family is one of the initial most important requirements. 

Funds are granted by a number of concerned government agencies but proponents have to qualify to their standards and criteria.  Most of them has standard format on business plan, you just have to download their template through their websites.  Nonetheless, below is the basic outline in your business plan: 

I.  Executive Summary

 II.  The Business

 The Business Model and Value Proposition

  • Definition
  • Business Name
  • Ojective
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Goal

 The Products/Services

 Market Structure and Analysis

  • Target market and customer base
  • Market size and potential
  • Competitor analysis
  • Competitive analysis

 Marketing and Distribution

  • Marketing and communication
  • Distribution
  • Sales

 Production process and development

  1. The supplier and raw materials
  2. Company structure and management
  3. Planning and strategy
  4. S.W.O.T. Analysis
  5. Price breakdown of products/services
  6. Investment Plan
  7. Source of Plan

 III. The Financial Plan

 IV.  The Development Impact

Others:  You may also need to include the expansion plan and Risk management plan.  To be on tract of what Singapore wants, please study further what has been provided in its web sites.

This business can expand in the near future, depending on how effective management in administering the business.  Having the right invesment/investors and partners is one of the key components. 

To avoid waste of time and money, I recommend two crucial partners for the effective registration and setting-up of standards:

 1. Rikvin Consultancy Singapore (permits and documentation processing, including initial setting up related to office, business plan polishing, etc.)

2. SAP International/Singapore (setting up of effective and globally competitive systems and procedure)

Most of the tips and outline are also adoptable if you wish to do business in other countries.

How to join a Bazaar?

There are perception and reality.  Much better to be realistic and be aware of the success factor outline as suggested below:

  • Have a strategic plan.
  • Analyze your capital and capacity.
  • Define and know more of your desired products/services to offer.
  • Define your target market
  • Carefully analyze the season or date of the Bazaar
  • Know well of the organizer and facility offered and the support they will be giving. 
  • Better if the bazaar venue has added offers like food stalls and shows or playground
  • Protect you secret (if you have).
  • Survey your competitor or others who will offer almost the same as yours, including their quality and price offer.
  • Be organized in all mattes from supply to accounting to manpower, etc.
  • Screen well of your potential suppliers or concessionares and have a database of your contact details.  Have a good relationship with them.
  • Experience is important.
  • Don’t be afraid to consult those who have been there and the experts.  Don’t be ashamed to get counsel if necessary.
  • There should check and balance or audit in both finances and performance to have a healthy normal progress and growth.
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  • Share your blessing, especially to those who work for you.  God will bless you more if you are fair and gracious to your people.
  • Better to have a risk management plan, contingency plan and expansion plan.
  • Be practical.

How to win an Investor?

Keep it short and simple, yet provide a unique easy to grasp high impact business proposal. In real life, investors are too busy to waste time to lengthy presentations.

If you’re an Entrepreneur who wishes to win a genuine investment, check below for our suggestions:

• Create a purpose driven business plan with social impact.
• Don’t just make a mission statement. Make it like a Mantra
• Get going and get real.
• Don’t be afraid to make a product which suits only a small group a people.
• Be realistic with your business model.
• Introduce a unique user friendly product with achievable marketing.
• 10-20-30: no more than 10 slides in a presentation; no more than 20 minutes to present; and 30 point font size letters (max of 15 pages for the business plan and use Verdana font with point 10 or bigger).
• Don’t pretend to have it all. Hire people better than yourself.

I suggest below link for a more precise suggestions.