Gas and LPG is a favorite topic many cannot ignore these days.  And it does not happen only among car owners but also inside the household. Of course people love to eat so everyone is affected of the high cost of LPG and the cost we spend every time we cook.  If the world is pointing to alternative fuel for vehicles and machines, a Filipino has turned his vision into reality. The alternative cooking fuel is charcoal.  The man behind is Jerry Yu and the shown photos are his answer to sky rocketing high price of LPG.

light weight innovative Charcoal Oven

light weight innovative Charcoal Stove

Such is quite a sensible solution to spiraling fuel prices as stated in one of Philippine Daily Inquirer’s article.  According to Jerry, they have a showroom located at #59 19th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City Philippines (near Camp Crame).  I first heard of this best alternative in one of the local channel’s Sunday TV program.  Although there are other types as this, I noticed that they are not the usual burners.

As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of all inventions.”  Jerry is among those who are disgruntled over the high cost of LPG and oil-based fuel.  This pushed Jerry to come up with his inventions of which he developed in years.  In the early 70s, the 16-year old Jerry had decided to help his brother manufacture glazed ceramic and clay products. “It was the in-thing then,” and somehow became his stepping stone.  It did not come easily as it was a product of years of rigid research, observation and years of trial and error until he designed and manufactured what are now his unique patented insulating firebricks. The bricks are absorbent and lightweight, like most insulators, but retain their strength even at high temperatures. The outside wall of a JY cooker remains cool even as a fire rages inside. Unlike his original design (over-engineered and bulky), what he now offer is lightweight and an epitome of fuel-efficiency.  To make it more effective, he then started giving the newly fabricated models to neighborhood carinderia owners. It was his testing ground and feedback is enormously positive till to this day.

Previously, charcoal stove are messy, inconvenient and emits a lot of smoke.  Jerry succeeded in his searched for the right answers and/or solutions. His stove has a tray to efficiently catch ash fall. He showed how his unique bricks don’t accumulate soot. Neither did the outside of the pot get soiled. He also suggested using charcoal bits dipped in denatured alcohol to start a fire and to prevent smoke.