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Size does matter in Cavendish Bananas



Davao Philippines’Cavendish Bananas is known deliciously sweet.

  • Philippine is now the 2nd Largest Exporter of Bananas in the world.
  • The majority of these shipments are destined for the growing regional markets of China, the Middle East and, to a lesser extent, Russia to satisfy their demand for fresh produce
  • Exports of Philippine bananas for the last quarter of this year are expected to rise following China’s lifting of restrictions on Philippine exports early this month.
  • Below are the 15 countries that accounted for the highest dollar value worth of bananas exported from the Philippines during 2015:
  1. Japan: US$176.9 million (40.2% of total bananas imports)
  2. China: $109.2 million (24.8%)
  3. South Korea: $51.6 million (11.7%)
  4. Iran: $33.8 million (7.7%)
  5. United Arab Emirates: $19.2 million (4.4%)
  6. Saudi Arabia: $12.9 million (2.9%)
  7. Kuwait: $8.7 million (2%)
  8. New Zealand: $6.5 million (1.5%)
  9. Hong Kong: $5.2 million (1.2%)
  10. Singapore: $5.1 million (1.2%)
  11. Malaysia: $2.3 million (0.5%)
  12. Taiwan: $2.1 million (0.5%)
  13. North Korea: $1.7 million (0.4%)
  14. Bahrain: $1.1 million (0.2%)
  15. Qatar: $912,000 (0.2%)
  • Among the above countries, the fastest-growing consumers of Philippine bananas exports since 2011 were: Bahrain (up 822.2% in value), Saudi Arabia (up 638.1%), Malaysia (up 312.3%) and Kuwait (up 195.4%).Production system ranges from backyard to highly integrated operation with the latter catering to the export market.
  • Weak demand in the EU.
  • Total import of fruit by the Philippines from 2008 till 2013. The highest volume of imports occurred in 2012 reaching 240,477MT while the lowest was in 2008 to 187,265MT. The average annual growth rate was 3.68% during this time period.
  • Philippine farms produced a total of 8.65m tonnes of bananas valued at P117.15bn ($2.6bn) in 2013, down from a peak of 9.23m tonnes worth P108.13bn ($2.4bn) the previous year, according to PSA data. Concerted efforts over the past two decades to expand banana production have led to the commodity becoming the country’s most valuable crop as well as its most profitable agricultural export.
  • The past years, the yield dramatically been reduced due to destruction brought about by the strong typhoons that hit the country particularly the major producing areas in Mindanao. Another calamity was the most recent “El Nino.”  Nevertheless, these are not typical and Mindanao is not a typhoon belt.
  • Overall, the average annual growth rate was 0.26% and 16%, respectively for production and area for the six-year time period.
  • The farms are generally small in size (1-5 ha) with minimal care resulting to low yield.
  • Big farms are typically managed by Cooperatives, Organizations and Investment Companies














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Jasper Schuringa

from Facebook

Thank God for “Jasper Schuringa.”  He may have been an ordinary passenger but he literally saved the passengers of Detroit Flight 253 on Christmas Day!  

To sum up the incident, Jasper Schuringa was one of the passengers.  He said that around 30 minutes from landing he heard somewhat a firecracker like sound and panic as someone was yelling, “Fire! Fire!”  As he himself saw smoke in the cabin, he realized that something was wrong.  Jasper saw the Nigerian Abdulmutallab’s pants were open and holding a burning object between his legs. He then acted without thinking, leaping 3 of 4 rows forward to confront the alleged terrorist by jumping to him and took him into a headlock and bought him to ground.  As to his words, Jasper pulled the object from him and tried to extinguish the fire with his hands and threw it away.  Others nearby passangers and crew decided to help and the fire burning at Abdulmutallab’s legs was put out with fire extinguishers and blankets.  Jasper’s hands are pretty burned but he is fine and said the he has shaken up.   He also said that he is happy to be there.”  I am giving the credits to CNN for the main source of information. 

This incident somehow reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas.  It’s about saving lives in unexpected manner by the least person we usually never thought he could do.  God’s ways are truly not our ways. Jasper Schuringa is a hero to many and his deeds somehow brings us back to heart of Christmas and the reason behind the season.  

Let me leave you with the infamous Christmas song, “We are the reason” by David Meece.  This song somehow tells the true meaning of Christmas in a way that most of us seem to forget. 

British Airways: Nightmare before Christmas

The British Prime Minister himself stepped up in resolving the announced British Airways union strike.   Otherwise it may become a nightmare before Christmas.  It may even reach till New Year.  The union definitely got the attention of the British government.

Nonetheless, the British Airways won an emergency court injunction to stop the 12-day strike by its cabin crew.  Can you imagine how much agony it will bring if it was not resolve?  Thank God for the relief the injunction it brought to around one million travelers whose Christmas holiday plans were threatened by the planned walkout.