Your $500. to $1000. will earn further and better in this business

Cavendish Banana Trade and export is a money making machine, if given the boost through support on capitalization and technology.Class A 456 Class A 789 DSC09588 img_3442 IMG_0758IMG_0774

For as little as $500 to $1,000. , I can make you earn further through Cavendish Banana Trading and Export.  By way of innovation and technology and creative approach to business, this delicate fruit can be turned into a low risk investment via outsourcing.  As such, it will no longer shoulder the high cost of employee benefits and equipment.  triple monitorNo matter what, people will eat bananas so importers will buy and buy.

DSC08998047Last year, I was able to facilitate deliveries of 32 – 40ft containers of Cavendish Banana to Ningbo China even without ample fund for capitalization. On 2013, 25 – 40ft containers was delivered to Vladivostok Russia, Year before I facilitated deliveries to Iran, Bulgaria, Egypt, Jeddah Saudi Arabia, Dubai.  I also have sideline export re Thai and Vietnam Rice, Moringa Powder, Heineken Beer 250 ml (bottled), etc.  034Vessel Loading

What I did and how I do it effectively without high risk involve is through outsourcing.

I temporary stop in the last quarter of 2014 till 2nd quarter of 2015 due to my wife’s breast cancer treatment and critical pregnancy till delivery.  I intend to do it again asap on per week basis shipment schedule as buyers are again convincing me.  But i need a partner to move forward as minimal cash flow is required to sustain the first few months adjustment period related to cheap office space requirement, basic communication gadgets, internet connections and minimal marketing representation.   Proof of remittance payment from buyers are available upon request (100% TT) including BL and other documentation.  I can also provide business plan and/or Feasibility Study.  I am willing to share 15-20% return on investment or higher to fund grantor or an angel investor.

This business is truly a money making machine with my capacity to creatively sell, advertise and monitor all areas of operation.  My curriculum vitae is also available upon request.

Banana is one of the country’s best agricultural products, second only to coconut oil. The Philippines is the second largest banana exporter in the world, making the banana industry a consistent top dollar earner.

It remained the second most important export commodity having shared 15-18 percent of the total top 10 agricultural exports revenue, the PSA said.

The top major export destinations for fresh Cavendish bananas are China, Japan, Korea, the Middle East and New Zealand.

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