Banana Export Earns Lucratively

My importer from Kuwait told me then that people will still eat bananas even in times of war and conflict.  As such, I was assured that buyers of Philippine Cavendish Bananas will remain. DSC08546


DSC08539Pest free inside out

This business is functioning as  Export Trading Company (ETC) primarily offering for export Cavendish Banana origin Davao Philippines (specs: Class A, Class B and Cluster), with capacity to expand and facilitate pineapple and other agricultural products.  With its owner’s experience in Corporate Admin and Services and with earlier Coverbackground in Advertising and Public Relations,the company survived the test of time and somehow innovate through the years.

This business may be small and lack on capitalization, but surprisingly it remained competent and still in existence until this day.  These are the countries they were able to facilitate export deals since 2007:

  • China
  • Vladivostok Russia
  • Iran
  • Bulgaria
  • Egypt
  • Jeddah Saudi Arabia
  • Dubai

This business is not limited to banana export, in fact it has facilitated deliveries of Moringa Powder to Singapore, Rice Grain export to Bahrain and has been providing Feasibility Study and Business Plan for moringa farming enthusiast in various countries of Africa, Sri Lanka, India and some countries in Asia.

This business is a money making machine if provided with Investment support.  Other pending buy offers are as follows:

  • Industrial Salt 97% or up (buy offer from Yunnan China)
  • Fresh Durian, Dragon Fruit and Longgan fruits (buy offer from Ningbo China)
  • Heineken Beer 250ml (bottled) (buy offer from Ningbo China)

 DSC08998 DSC09002

Full Van



We make sure temperature setting is right and consistent.047

Hustling before Gate-in034

Actual Gate-in Site

Dover Straight VesselOur operational set-up is very simple but fast paced.
triple monitor
We make sure we deliver the right thing and we monitor every step of the way.

This business presently seek a foreign partner investor/importer to cope with the demands from China, Middle East and Malaysia.  Once this business acquire its needed support-grant or investment, its revenue is expected to double in the 2nd year if this business be granted the capitalization it needs, and triple on its 3rd year.  This business exists to assist and operate under cost-effective low risk operation.   The main core of this business is sincerity and commitment under unique selling proposition.


  • Increase export volume by 3% (5%) on a yearly basis

Philippines is one of the major producers and exporters of sweet bananas in the world. Total production of bananas was estimated to be around 8.7 million tons in 2008, with exports of around 2.5 million tons. The demand for bananas has been growing fast in both the domestic and export markets. Total marketed volumes have increased at an annual average rate of 11-12 percent during the last few years.

As cheating and scam is rampant in this industry, most of our clients are previous victims and have had its shares of large losses.  This company is not that big yet but its being a service oriented and micro manage firm makes it a favored trader-exporter among a number of importer in many nation.

If you need our quote, you can email us directly at

Feasibility Study Cavendish Banana Cultivation and Export


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