Authentic Tagaytay Bakery Products


Taal Lake ViewI happened to pass by this low profile Bakery in Tagaytay City Philippines so many times in the past but I never bother to even enter.   One day, my wife’s Doctor requested that we brought her one of the special biscuits from this bakery upon our return.   Since then, I drop by frequently not just for my wife’s Doctor but to buy also the bread I like.  IMG_20150614_160733IMG_20150614_160836IMG_20150614_160801IMG_20150614_160927This small store basically offer a number of different items other than bread and pastry.  I noticed yesterday that it even sell roasted coffee beans (liberica variety and other blends). IMG_20150614_160718 IMG_20150614_160721 IMG_20150614_160725There are so many types of offered breads, cakes and pastries, roasted coffee beans, snacks, drinks and whole lot more.  I believed, the mostly bought is the “Jacobina” (small biscuit type better eaten while drinking coffee during snack or breakfast.

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