Cavendish Banana Trade

1 Cavendish Banana origin PhilippinesCavendish Banana Trade and export business has proven its worth as a legitimate money making machine even though it passed through so many obstacles the past few years.

We have the experience facilitating export to various countries as Vladivostok Russia, Bulgaria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Egypt and the latest is China.  Unlike before, importing countries are more strict now like China.  This business need to innovate and continually give jobs to many people and added return on investment to its partners.   But easier said than done unless investment are poured to provide the required and needed facility and equipment.Clients are continually inquiring.

0We are not new to this business.  As such, we know the     ins and out how to both administer and cope with the existing challenges.  We monitor almost all aspect of operation till vessel reach its destination port and consignee receive the packed bananas.

Cavendish Banana plantation in Davao region (as far as the eye can see).   A day or a week is not enough to visit all areas.

2 Banana plantation

3 Ready to harvest


4 Properly bagged

4 Ribbon coded

7 With tags on bananas

5 Pest free inside out

6 Harvest with care

8 Cable transport

9 Power hose extra cleaning on bananas before tub

10 Water Tubs (2 tubs)
11 Weighing of bananas
12 Crown protection
 13 Packing 
13 Ethelyn to prolong freshness
15 Top Foam 
18 Container
 20 Hustling


  1. edward Keith tapales said,

    January 26, 2015 at 5:26 am

    Good day sir,
    can you help me with the banana industry? like buyers and other stuff?thanks

  2. Michelle Son said,

    October 2, 2015 at 12:17 pm

    good day! do you have any export plan of cavendish banana? i just need it for school purposes. we need to find an export plan and then present and report it to the class. this will be part of our project. thank you and i hope you’ll notice me.

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