Below are sample photos of my past operations.  
Cavendish Banana Plantation area where harvest are done.  
I have people guarding and supervising  harvesters.  We call it “Live Cut”… a term we use which means our representative will  tell which area and bananas to harvest as there are technicalities involve and to avoid unfit bananas to be packed.
Transport of bananas from plantation are to processing/packing house via a railing system
Processing and Packing (Packing House) 
(should be done right after harvest)
As our loyalty is to you, we have Quality Inspectors at packing house who guard quality, sizes, weight and calibration.  We also assign Supervisors of Quality Inspectors and I check them.
(transporting of packed bananas to loading site where Container van are park waiting to be filled-in)
Sampling Inspection at Loading Site
Before we allow packed bananas to be carried inside the Container van, we undergo Random Sampling Inspection to counter check everything.  All are recorded and verified on site.  
If packed bananas do not pass our Samplers’ Standard, we declassify or order the delivery truck to bring them back to farm (unfit to be delivered due to found reasons).
Loading Site
(There should be a facility other aside from parking and roof cover (e.g. uninterrupted  electrical plug in, temperature checker, loader crew, lighting and support food to stay-in workers).  Loading are commonly done 
in the evening to be protected from effects of sunlight
Hustling, Transporting of Container van to designated Sea Port
(there should be cut-off time, proper seal lock and paper works coordination)

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