Aside from Davao and Cavendish Banana

I always mentioned Cavendish Banana and Davao in most of my email.  Incidentally, I don’t live there but in the main island called Luzon Philippines nearer to Manila.  Nonetheless, almost every month I am in Mindanao mostly in Davao due to my Cavendish banana trade and export business.I may already mentioned Davao and banana a hundred times.  Now, allow me to tell you something about my place.  Tagaytay City is around 2 hours travel from Manila airport.  Although both Davao and my place are both tourist favorite, Tagaytay is a place almost totally opposite of Davao in terms of climate, altitude, environment, residents, culture and the people.   Tagaytay is cooler, an urban living in a province setting, nature place with majestic view to one of top lakes in the world.  Tagaytay is perfect for any of the following purposes:  refreshing tour, long term stay and/or business venture.Tagaytay has the amenities, theme parks and with a feeling of Christmas all year round.  It is also a retirement home for most foreigners because of its elderly friendly environment. Everything you need can be found and bought nearby with less traffic and zero crime rate. View to majestic Taalvolcano lake

Occasionally foggy atmosphere

Cool High altitude environment

Urban living in a rural environment

Tagaytay’s Spots and Possibilities

Golf and other sports activityHorseback riding and trekking

Medical tourism and elderly care

Cheap Shopping

Wedding venues & other occasion

Boating along the lakeConference and Seminar venues

Abundant fresh tropical fruits

Jeepney ride

Authentic handcrafted furniture

Delicious seafoodCable car riding

Spa and relaxation

Zip line adventure ride

Visual Art appreciation and many more.

If you will visit Philippines, try to include Tagaytay in your itinerary among the places you intend to go.View to different type of accommodations and residences in Tagaytay City Philippines 
Cabin HouseApartment

Condo living

Swiss/European inspired housesConventional house

Transient houses

Cottage typeModern architecture

Mountain Hotel

House & Lot for Sale Lots for Sale  Units for Rent / Sale 

Most of the photos are excerpted at Google images


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