No ordinary person



It was 1992 in a small town of Amaya, in Cavite Philippines when an ordinary factory worker had an incurable illness.  His name is Freddie. He was paralyzed because of an operation done on his hernia. 

After his operation, colleagues and friends have visited Freddie but later on when his illness got worse, no one remembered him, not even his family.  Nobody cared to help him that he didn’t took a bath or even cleaned himself.  Although, there are, some who brings food once in a while, Freddie lived all by himself; alone in what seems like a stockroom full of dirt.  He cannot move, so you can just imagine the urine and fecal he excretes in his own bed. This must be the reason why nobody wants to visit him. Even his wife and children doesn’t care to visit or help him cleansed, much less abandoned him. 

One day, a group of young adults who are active members of In Christ We Live Fellowship in Cavite decided to visit Freddie.  One of them is Brother Reggie who was once a colleague of Freddie in a factory they worked with. 

When they reached Freddie’s place, they almost collapsed because of the extreme smell and disgusting situation of the room.  But the eagerness to help and to bring glory to God is what they think is the best thing to do.  They feel the hatred and loneliness in Freddie’s heart.  They cannot blame Freddie because of the situations he had been through in his life.  They shared the good news of the Lord and Freddie accepted the Lord as his savior. They saw the glow and contentment in Freddie’s eyes and after that moment, they bid him goodbye for the night.  But on that same night, Brother Boy, who was part of the group who visited Freddie earlier, called the attention of Brother Reggie and Brother Marcing.  Brother Boy suggested that he wants to help in cleaning the place of Freddie. They all agreed to do it the following day.

When they returned the next day, Freddie was amazed; his face showed joy and delight on what happened. They did different things to help: some cleaned the house, fixed things, tidy up the bed – dirt like urine, dust have accumulated through time from the bed down to the floor.  It was disgusting but they sacrificed it for the Lord.  Freddie was in tears when he said, “You know, only you guys have done these things for me.” Brother Marcing was also in tears when he carried Freddie because it is noticeable how Freddie has been suffering through his thin body.  They cleaned everything including the beddings and changed his clothes. Using hot water, cotton and alcohol, they cleaned the sores infected by germs. Brother Marching cleaned the glass full of yellow substance that seems it was left unclean for a long time. Freddie said he uses it for urination. Brother Marcing almost dropped it, it was extremely unpleasant.   

After spending the whole day, they finished everything cleaned.  Even the foul smell was gone.  When they left the place, everything went well and Freddie felt relief for the first time.  Freddie’s neighborhood was amazed of what they have done on his household.  Though they have different religious belief, their eyes showed much respect on them.  After three days while they are having their overnight prayer 

meeting, Brother Boy had a dream that Freddie is gone to the Holy Father.  The next day, they received the news from Freddie’s family that Freddie’s remains were laid nearby his house.  They hurriedly went there onboard a tricycle.  Freddie’s family and friends were there full of guilt and grief thinking that it was too late for them to help.  Brother Marcing, Brother Reggie and Brother Roy had done something great that nobody in Freddie’s family did before he died. 

It is said that “Action speaks louder than words.”  It was done for the glory of the Lord and not for men. 

Because of this good deed, it was mirrored to Freddie’s family and friends that those who are in the Lord can do this more than its religious and political belief.  The heart that glorifies the Lord can do great things through Jesus.

Bro. Marcing is now a Pastor in a particular Christian Church in Cavite Philippines, serving mostly farmers and poor families.   The author has no available photos of Brother Reggie and Brother Boy but could be known through Brother Marcing.  If anyone wishes to offer anything to Ptr. Marcing or to his church affiliation, the author will be more than glad to lead anyone to him.  


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