This blog can be a money making machine but needs Investor


Moringa is one of the few topics that generate lots of readers.  Allow me to share a few of the remarks or comments.

I received all of your documents and let me congratulate you about them, they are very professional and the information you had compile in it for sure can represent more than the US$100 you are asking for, which by the way we will send to you asap, I’ll let you know so you can give me your banking information so I can transfer it directly to your account.
By looking at your presentations and video clips I can see that you have some kind of communication or art background, using a Pentax Digital camera, one of the best, and editing your videos like a pro. Where you a photographer or camera man before. I was i earned my living for many years as a photographer, check me in Facebook under Mario XXXXXXX XXXXXXX.
Something else I notice is your humanitarian approach, where you ever like that? I can feel that you are a very compassional man and I like that very much. I’ll like to get to know you better in the near future.
Hoping that your wife is improving from her illness I send you my best regards,
Lebo (Botswana)
Dear friend, I’ll like to go back to the help I’m bringing into this forgotten part of the world. As I explained some emails back, I’m working with groups of small farmers; each one of them owns 5-10 hectares. I started on this on January last year, 2011 with 130 plants right in the middle of the desert, in sand with some organic fertilizer and a bucket of water a week. Our results were better than expected and we harvested 84 kilos of seeds. Not much under some other standards, but good enough for us to plant another seedling area and to start a huge biomass of Moringa for ethanol. That’s our goal.
If we do that, we will be helping around 50,000 to 100,000 people to come out of poverty and we (other people involved) will receive whatever is fare. I know I won’t be able to do this project by myself, I just don’t have that kind of money, but there are people interested on investing on projects like this, and that’s why we need a good Feasibility Study that could bring investors into this kind of project.
This could be the biggest project of Moringa in South America and we have the land (1700 hectares to start up) and the will to do it. I estimate the investment to be not less than 400 million dollars including the Ethanol Processing Plant. Can you help us?
Best regards,
Mario (Peru)



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