Tagaytay is a cool place to visit and settle

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71Tagaytay is one of the favorite tourist destination and retirement village in thePhilippines.  It is an hour and 15 minutes drive from Manilavia the South Superhighway or through the Coastal Road.    Pass through Carmona Exit if going through the South Superhighway and drive down through the Governor’s Drive andSilang up to the entrance of Tagaytay City.   You may also pass through South Superhighway, take Sta. Rosa exit going straight to Tagaytay City.  74Or if you want cheaper transportation, you may ride a bus if you don’t have too much baggage.  With that, you can ride a taxi or a shuttle at the airport going to the Tagaytay bus terminal.  The bus going to Tagaytay or Batangas passes through Aguinaldo Hi-way Cavite(less convenient path).  This alternate route is via the Coastal Road: Indang and Mendez Roads on Trece Martirez and Amadeo areas.  From Laguna, you may reach Tagaytay through the Carmona exit.   To avoid getting lost, might as well contact me via email or my mobile before you go.  I will gladly assist and guide you.  If you want, I can even fetch you and your companion at the airport without spending much.  My email is denissalvatierra@yahoo.com.  I will provide my mobile upon request via email.


Suggested Checklist:

1st. Transportation – Flight Booking – Land Transportation (private or public transpo) 

2nd. Accommodation

The choice depends on the purpose of stay as not all who go to Tagaytay are tourist.  Others are retirees, businessmen,  convention attendees, investors, etc.  I can assist  or recommend but I need to know the preference and target budget.  There are various types:  Hotel / Apartment type / Transient House / Condominium type, vacation cottage, Log house, etc.




Condominium or Apartment type


Log House


European theme subdivision houses


Residential House & Lot

There’s more and I can lead you to your preferred type and target cost.

123rd.  The Food As Tagaytay is both a tourist destination and retirement village, almost any type of cuisines can be found here and there are so many types of restaurants and bars to choose from.  Tagaytay is strategically near to vegetable farms, fruit plantation, fish port, fresh water fish pond, groceries and malls, almost anything are easy to


4th. The People Among the common foreign guest and retirees are as follows: Americans, Japanese, Koreans, European, Indian, Iranian, other Middle East nationals, Chinese, Australian.  Most recently, I helped an American build his business in the Philippines.  The people are very friendly and the crime is 0% rate. I talked to the policemen, I was told that most of the incidents they responded are commonly minor road accidents only.  I was once a tourist in Tagaytay who decided to stay here for good.

5th. Places

There’s more.  If you want to go to Tagaytay Philippines, I can help you find a place to stay and places to visit and enjoy a relaxing vacation away from your busy life in the city.  Aside from Vacation, other are settling for good or stay for either retirement or medical purposes/medical tourism.  Other recommended places are as follows: – Palawan – Bohol – Davao – Cebu – Mountain Province – Vigan – Bicol, etc.




Medical Tourism / Treatment


Festivities Dining




Abundant Fruits


Fresh Sea foods (salt water or fresh water fish)


Organic and common vegetables


Wooden crafts and furnitures


Cool Climate / Foggy atmosphere




Convention or Business

There’s more!

You can email me directly at denissalvatierra@yahoo.com

Photos are excerpted from Google images


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