Cast the first stone

Philippines got the attention of the world again.

If insults and criticism could kill, most Filipinos in the face of the earth may have been annihilated  by now — most of them are in Hong Kong, China and countries in South East Asia.  Death toll could have been worse than Nuclear Holocaust or what the Germans did to the Jews during World War II.   This could have been more awful than the effects of weapons of mass destructions.

Don’t make me wrong.  I sympathize to the families and countrymen of the hostage victims and I belong to those who apologize for the mistakes of some of my countrymen.  It’s just that persecution of its nationals for the mistakes of some of their country men is also not right.

Many do not realize that both parties were victims and the effects are more destructive to the Philippines as more will lose their jobs due to almost collapse of stock markour et, cancellation of travel and hotel accommodation, fear among travellers, etc.  I do not justify the mistakes made but it was only done by some, yet it made a mockery of the Philippines as a whole.  And our relatives and countrymen that works or migrated in other countries, though has obviously nothing to do is now suffering from persecution due to what had happened.  This is worse than bullets.

While the whole world is busy giving negative comments, I could not help but ask.  Is this incident worst than what happened to the Hostage in 1972 Munich Massacre? Or worst than 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis? Hollocaust? 911 Attacked? Hostage Drama in Russia? …Need I say more?  This won’t justify the killings and mishandling but punishing the crushing Philippine economy and tourism through destructive criticism is worst.

Nonetheless, let me assure the world that Filipinos are still one of the most hospitable and most gracious people on earth and someone’s life is incomplete if haven’t been or seen the beauty of the Philippines.  Surely justice will be serve and security will be tightened.  I myself have friends in the Police forces and they are highly trained and excelled in international trainings.   What happened were unmistakably mishandling and miscalculation of the incident within the ranks and policy.  What happened was purely an isolated case and unintentional.  We apologize for our imperfection as no one and no country is perfect.

Rest assured that we will still be the most service oriented and most caring people that could even volunteer to the worst situation no other nationals would be even dare look or visit.  We Filipinos will always be proud of our country, heritage and culture. Our country may not have the development and advancement yet but our natural resources are beyond comprehension and truly the best tourist attraction in the world.  As what the environmentalist have said, Philippines is definitely the center of the center in marine bio diversity… and there’s more.  Why not view the video below and you yourself analyze how safe and beautiful is the Philippine archipelago.

There’s even more!