Rice Trading

0. Executive Summary

The Product: RICE

We can offer:  Thailand Rice, Vietnam Rice, Pakistan Rice, Indian Rice, Brazilian Rice and Philippine Rice (Philippine Rice is for local consumption/delivery only due to government regulation)

I simply intend to establish a profitable wholesale-retail Rice Trading firm, in collaboration with our Rice Miller partners in Bulacan, Cagayan-Isabela, Nueva Ecija and Laguna. We are not exclusive to one supplier to be very sure on price competitiveness and standards.

Pls click to link below for more photos and details related to Philippine Rice…

https://fyi09.wordpress.com/2010/07/02/philippine rice/

We can also facilitate imported rice, based on below broken percentage (e.g. Thailand, China Rice, etc.):

  • 5% broken
  • 10% broken
  • 15% broken
  • 100% broken

We can offer Rice in accordance to local demands and corresponding quality requirement (e.g. restaurant/hotel quality, retailer’s quality, supermarket standard, etc.). We can supply both new and “laon.”

More details on a later page.

The Service.

For our unique selling proposition, we will exert more effort and introduce new services to meet what is needed by our customers.

  • We can arrange trucking for a speedy delivery, and/or search for other ways to lower cost on overhead
  • We will design a highly efficient refillable transparent rice dispenser for retail use (convenient enough to carry 25 to 50 kg)
  • We will have ready transparent plastic packing and weighing scale, and packing sealer.
  • We desire introduce a retail van and delivery trike (original design based on what is needed for industrial efficiency – registered/patented):
  • Close Delivery Van type

–       To redesign the back portion in a manner that can be transform itself into a mobile rice retail store, and with facility to store and pack various rice varieties.

–       Serve as mobile branch store

–       To be positioned in a specific target location for a bigger area of responsibility.

–       With direct communication from head office/store to facilitate delivery within its area of responsibility

–       With back-up delivery trike

Motor Bike with side carrying facility

  • We will set-up a hotline for buyer’s inquiry and comments related to price and request for delivery (minimum order):
  • Will introduce website to accommodate more buyers.
  • Has the capacity to facilitate import-export deals in collaboration with our partner exporters in Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan and Brazil.

The Customer.

Target Market:

Locally, our main targets are as

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Rice Retailers
  • Resorts
  • Distributors
  • Retail buyers within our scope area

For International Target Market. We are more sought in Middle East and Africa so we will concentrate to where our service is needed.

FYI.  We already facilitated a rice deal in Bahrain and continuously get inquiries from other Middle Eastern countries.

  1. The Business

1.1. Business Model and Value Proposition

1.1.1. Definition

As such, BIGAS@N101 will serve as a Rice online wholesale arm of Sembawang Trading, and as the go-between for the manufacturers/producers and the wholesale buyer/importer to meet their needs in the market.

This business dream to expand in the near future in the areas of farming and support to farmers and new entrepreneurs.

1.1.2. Business Name

We are registered as…

The word “Sembawang” was derived from a residential place in Singapore called Sembawang Drive to where the proponent learned online commodity trading when he briefly stayed on 2005.  We facilitate various products for export.

But as to our local rice offer, we plan to use a different name, as per suggested Signage design below.  If not, we will have no choice but to register below logolized company name


“Bigas” means Rice and “Bigasan” means Rice Store. The “@” was inserted instead of plain “a” as it is a symbol of e-commerce and trading. This will communicate to consumers that we are more than an ordinary rice store, we also facilitate wholesale and be also found in the internet (on-line rice trading). Our store name is easy to understand.

1.1.3. Objective

To go beyond the usual and to be a partner in progress

1.1.4. Mission

Never stop searching for ways  to better serve and satisfy our clients.

At the same time, we aim to create  a balance-work atmosphere above and beyond personal gain.

1.1.5. Vision

Out of the box rice trade and agriculture  with dignity and social responsibility.

1.1.6. Core Values

  • Teamwork
  • Knowledge
  • Hard work
  • Integrity
  • Satisfaction
  • Respect
  • Social responsibility
  • …”whatever we do, we do it all  for the glory of God”


“People succeeded in their projects

not only because they know

how to grow their crops

or their farm animals.

They succeed because they know

how to market they produce.

They know how to time their production

so that they sell their harvests

at a high price.”
– Zac B. Sarian

1.1.7. Location

Tagaytay is where I and my family reside.  It’s progress in terms of tourist destination and realty development is a strategic decision to establish a commodity trading firm.

**If you are really that interested on this, kindly e-mail me directly at denissalvatierra@yahoo.com for the full Business Plan Proposal link.

20 thoughts on “Rice Trading

  1. PleASE SEND ME A COPY OF YOUR BUSINESS PLAN AND A DETAILED plan on how you can ship premium rice to Cebu where I’m locatede as a whosaler of rice.
    Please send me the cost of delivery and price of 1000- 50 kilo bags
    Thank you,
    Eugene Bayot

    • Sir, I emailed you already and I ask more details as I needed it to incorporate to the business plan? I will try to locate my email and will resend.

      • Sorry, I have not received your business plan or E-mail.I really am intersted in purchasing rice at a wholesale level. Can you help me or not?
        Eugene Bayot

  2. Sir,
    I’m very interested in starting a rice trading business in the Philippines this year. I’ve already got contacts with some farmers in the area and would like begin setting up a business model from which I can begin to work. Please send me a copy of your business plan. I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Keep it Simple…before you begin spending your time documenting your business, remember you’re in the Philippines where the rule of law is weak and anyone can do their business anyway they want without too much regulation as to business etiquette and honesty. I doubt if you can commit the farmers on a price before harvest as most of them already have their Trader in place who will make sure to stop others from infringing on their supply. Free Enterprise is unheard of in this country. By the way, if you’re interested in trading Coconut Sap Sugar….let me know. It’s an untapped market ! Not much competition.

    • Hi Petros,
      I have currently in stock 1000 kilos at 500 pesos per kilo. If you’re interested in trading this sugar your wholesale price is 400 pesos per kilo. The coco sugar comes in one kilo plastic bags. It is up to you to re-package the sugar into smaller packages such as sachets or 300 gram boxes with your own personal brand. Then it would be ready to stock in Grocery shelves as a high end gourmet, organic coconut sugar excellent for diabetics and health conscious adults and children.

  4. Hi Denis,
    Can you prepare me a feasibility study on the market of Coconut sap sugar.I have a 1000 kilos of it available right now out of Carcar Cebu at 190pesos per kilo. I have no buyers and need a marketing strategy for this new product that is considered the best sweetener for diabetics and health buffs. Thank you

  5. Hii,

    I want to start my own rice wholesale business. So, plz guide me how can I start? And how much minimum investment is required to start this wholesale business..
    Plz send me all the details on my mail address mongarajeev85@gmail.com or u can reach me on my number +919928002608 if possible..

  6. Sir,
    can you send me a copy of your business plan on rice trading because we are planning to put up a consumer enterprise store and one of the major product that we are going to sell is rice.

    Thank you and please send me asap, email diomiraa@yahoo.com
    i am from cagayan valley

  7. Sir,
    Can you please send me a copy of your business plan and if you have made a feasibility study regarding rice trading business.
    Thank you!

  8. Sir,
    Can you please send me a copy of your business plan and if you have made a feasibility study regarding rice trading business.
    Thank you!

  9. I want to start my own rice wholesale business. So, plz guide me how can I start? And how much minimum investment is required to start this wholesale business..
    Plz send me all the details on my mail address revmerix@gmail.com

  10. Dear Supplier,

    Greetings to you and your esteemed company.
    My Name is Mrs Bintou Sangare I’m a contract agent to Humanitarian Organization here in Mali. My buyer Organization is looking for a capable contractor company that will come into food commodity supply contract with this Organization. They purchase food commodity only on CIF contract bases.

    Product: WHITE RICE
    Specifications: 5% Broken
    Shipment: Monthly X 12
    Monthly Delivery: 10,000 MT
    Packing: 50 kg Bag.
    Delivery port: Dakar Senegal, WEST AFRICA.
    Payment Terms: 100% Upfront By T/T. In 2 Installments 70% after signing Of contract and 30% after receiving bill Of loading.

    Hope to receive from you via below email id.

    Mrs Bintou Sangare

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