I can make you a website of your own at Google Sites or Blog at either Blogger.com or Website.

Websites have different themes and purpose, I need you to provide me basic details.  Below are some of the common themes:

1. Business

2. Family

3. Project

4. Org/Group

5. Others (depending on what you need or like)

FYI.  I my self have made my wedding plan site to properly achieve goals in accordance to our plans.  I find it very effective because we monitored every details and calendar of activities from start.(hand-on to every details).  Because of that, I was able to control the expenses.  Of course, I can only recommend to those who only have limited budget.   Still better to have a wedding coordinator if you can afford.

If you are interested, you can contact me through my direct e-mail denissalvatierra@yahoo.com (first come first serve basis).  Please provide me details like preferred theme, photos, text messages, basic instruction, etc.

Initially, I’ll be needing your support donation to pay for the internet expense and other related.  I have to admit that I am not an internet genius but I can help you if you need a no so complicated website.  After you provide all the needed details, give me at lest a day to make the format presentation.  You can comment or suggest for the improvements you want.   If every is ok already, I will provide your the username and password so you can edit them yourself.

Hope you wouldn’t mind that I will need of your donations upon finish of my task (no fix amount as I only need to raise funds for the  coming event I am involved) . Pls donate not less than $6.  But it depend on the complication of your requirement.

If you need extra effort at artwork via photoshop or flash animation, I have separate charges for that as it is complicated already.


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