Philippines May Face Its Worst Drought in History

These days, you can feel the humid almost every where in the Philippines as if it is already a part of Middle East.  My brother once said that this kind of humid was what he experienced when he still works for a firm in Saudi Arabia.  As per reports this phoenomenon is not just happening in the Philippines but in many parts of South East Asia and South Asia.  It is called the “El Nino” phoenomenon. 

Filipinos eat calamity news for breakfast.   We are a survivor.  We just survived the two typhoons that devastate the nation in last quarter of 2009.  Life must go on for the Filipinos but the recent drought seems to be another difficult situation.  Nearly 400,000 acres of farmland have already been affected and still increasing til July or up.  Many crops were already damaged at about $61 million, as per gathered report.  If not given an effective and immediate counter solution, this drought is threatening a widespread blackouts and food crisis as electrification and farming depends on ample supply of water.  A possible two- to three-hour blackout every day until the national elections in May could happen, as per mentioned in the House energy committee hearing this week.

Cloud-seeding operations already done in many areas as northern part of Luzon and the government has allotted some $20 million to aid farm and fishing in at least 14 of the country’s 80 provinces. 

Hope experts across the globe would provide suggestions and support in terms of knowledge and technology.  We already have lots of intelligent good talkers in the government.  Now we need good doers with exceptional wisdom in natural crisis as drought.  Seldom have we seen this on politicians.  

Historically, mega structures is needed to battle a national crisis and to uplift the nation above and beyond where it is.  Inventors must also take part as necessity is the mother of all inventions.  Hope the Filipino brilliant engineers and professionals on this area in many countries of the world would voice out their know how and suggestions.   I believe, Filipino inventors could also produce its own “Bloom Box” if provided the grant and support it needed both from the government and private sector.


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