Tiger Humbly Apologized

Per report, Tiger Woods says that his friends have a right to be mad at him.  As to his relationship with Elin, he reiterated that they continue to communicate.

Tiger also mentioned that he has let down his friends, employees, business partners, foundation and fans.

Tiger clarified that Elin did not hit him nor there have been any form of domestic violence in their relationship.

Tiger also made a humble admission of his fault… “I had affairs, I cheated, I am to blame.”

I guess I already heard this to former President Bill Clinton. 🙂 

Seriously, I think Tiger should now move forward, though he suffered from the consequence of his actions.  Same with the people he may have hurt or affected by what had happened.  I know it’s hard because life is never been fair.  

Life goes on and Tiger must do what he do best… play golf, inspire people and win! 


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