Shuttle Endeavour finally blast off

The Shuttle Endeavor finally made it through the thick clouds.  As per report, it was the second attempt 24 hours after clouds covered the launching pad that posponed Sunday’s attempt.  Now, the Shuttle Endeavor is now in the orbit after its successful launched.  Earlier, it briefly lighted the gloomy dark cloudy sky.

As announced, the Shuttle carried the last major piece of the International Space Station.  There are two crew members: Nicholas J. M. Patrick and Lt. Col. Robert L. Behnken of the U.S. Air Force.  They will conduct three spacewalks to install a 23-foot-long, 15-foot-wide Tranquility module.  

But as to the unannounced, I believed there’s more to this mission but it will definitely be a  classified information.  You and I will have a piece of that information in my/your dreams.  🙂   Please don’t ask me what it is because mine is as good as your guess.

Images are excerpt from Google Images

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