Not The Usual Pepsi Campaign

Winds seem to blow on a different direction for Pepsi these days.  Strange, Pepsi now invites the Public to Do Good J.  The shift was in line with the intention to truly walking the walk,” as mentioned by Lee Clow, chief creative officer and global director for media arts at the Pepsi-Cola agency, TBWA Worldwide in Los Angeles, part of the Omnicom Group. 

Pepsi is known to promote socialization.  It can be seen to their previous celebrity endorsers and various form of advertising campaign.   Lately, the brand penetrated Facebook and Twitter to influence consumers to help Pepsi support social causes. 

Pepsi-Cola is formally introduced an ambitious campaign named the Pepsi Refresh Project, aimed at doing well by doing good.  The consumer public is expected to benefit in Pepsi’s intention to donate around $20 million by the end of the year through various channels as health, arts and culture, the environment and education. 

Suggestions for Pepsi Refresh grants can be submitted each month to a web site (, where computer users can subsequently vote on the ideas suggested during the previous month.  As seen on “Today” show NBC, Kevin Bacon and Demi Moore appeared and help seek votes for their pet causes.  Mr. Bacon will promote, and Ms. Moore Girls Educational & Mentoring Services. There will also be paid pitches for the project on “Today” and its Web site as part of an agreement with a marketing unit of NBC Universal named Women@NBCU (also includes properties like USA Network, Bravo and Oxygen). 

As per mentioned by Lauren Zalaznick, women’s lifestyle and entertainement networks at NBC Universal in New York, target audience is comprise by female high school and college students along with women ages 18 to 54, among them the mothers “we call ‘P.T.A. trend-setters’ ” who influence their peers.  All these are in partnership with AOL, Facebook, Hulu, MTV Networks, Yahoo and Parade.  As also mentioned, Advertising for this cause will be digital. 

Coca-Cola (major competitor) somehow also moves in the same direction as it intends to donate a dollar to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America each time a visitor to the Coca-Cola fan page on Facebook ( shares a virtual Coke gift.  The two soft drinks giant showing is highlighting their philantrophy effort these days.  In comparisson, PepsiCo executives pointed out that Coke is capping its donations at $500,000, compared with the budget for the Pepsi Refresh Project of more than 40 times that.  Katie Bayne, chief marketing officer at Coca-Cola North America in Atlanta, responded that the “single-month contribution” represents only “a portion of the almost $60 million in cash and in-kind donations” that the company has made to the clubs “in just the last 14 years.”

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