The Best Kind of Love

I thought I already knew the meaning of love until I was told of this unique, yet unparalled love story.   

The year was 1992 in the town of Cavite, Philppines. The place is near the sea, so you can immagine that most of the jobs there are either fishing or factory work.  

One ordinary day, a certain factory worker got illed and could no longer report for work due to his health condition.  He was already bed ridden.  Let me call him Freddie (not the real name).  He can be compared to a paralitic as he could no longer stand.  His illness was hernia.  But due to lack of finances and medical attention, it got worse due to complications. He just lies on his bed day by day.  Worst, his wife and family abandoned him as they could not bear his condition.  Previouly, people around him care to serve him but began to vanish one by one as times go by.  He was left alone in a garage like dog.  But at least, someone bring him food on a daily basis.  I was told that I won’t believe how pittyful his condition was.  On the same bed he lays is his waste and urine flow and it accumulated already.  His clothes and undergarments were unreplaced in months.  Surely, you can’t breath normally if you where there, as told.  His condition was too bad and his condition was worst than a shackeled animal. 

In that same period of time, my brother visits the location for a Christian mission work on a weekly basis.  Freddie’s condition caught the attention of a certain young man in the factory (my apology, I can no longer recall the name of that young man but he attends where my brother serve as his two friends).  The two were more known as Marcing and Boy.  Marcing was the one who told me the story.  

The three did not waste time; they immediately went to Freddie’s place to at least share Jesus.  Actually, they were neither Pastors nor a church worker.  They were only ordinary attendees then who were burdened of their duty to share Jesus to less fortunate.  Upon entering the area where Freddie is, all of them almost vomit but they controlled their stomach in respect to Freddie’s condition.  As described, it was the most gruesome scenario they’ve been through as told.  Undescribeable, as they said.   Before they could start to speak, Freddie uttered curses and the worst bad mouth anyone can say.  He was too angry with his family, himself, to the world and to God.  But later, he let them share the Bible.  Nonetheless, no expression of acceptance whatsoever was seen.  Afterwards, they left and each went on to their different homes.  No one speak a word till they separated, as per Marcing’s recollection.  But the next day, they meet again.  Each tells the same heavy burden within their heart that they could not bear.  They all agreed that preaching was not enough.  Later they just decided to go back.  

Freddie was surprised to saw the three young men returned with cleaning tools and alcohol.  The three ask his permission to clean him and his place without strings attached.  Upon his ok for approcal, one sweep the floor with broom and map.  Another fixed the things and cleaned the dust.  Marcing decided to fix Freddie and his bed.  Marcing said that Freddie’s garments were too dirty and his body emits undescribable bad odor.  He undressed Freddie for a while to clean him from head to toes.  Marcing could not believe what he saw.  Freddie was too thin as if he is already a skeleton.  Nonetheless, he controlled himself for Freddie.  Marcing also said that Freddie’s whole body was so dirty; he saw the dried human waste under Freddie’s but flowing to his legs with traces of urine.   Marcing himself could not believe what he did.  Nonetheless, he humbly admits that they are doing it for God.   Later he changed Freddie’s clothes and combs his hair.  Freddie began to smile as they uttered jokes how handsome Freddie that day.  Later they temporarily moved Freddie on a chair to clean and fix his bed.  Each of them continued doing what should be done.  One replaced the curtain.  The other burned the garbage.  Marcing washed the dirty plates, glass and utensils.  He even called Freddie’s attention while cleaning the stained drinking glass.  Freddy uttered, “No, I don’t drink through it but urinate.”   To his shock, Marcing said that he almost drop the glass.  He thanks God that he did not.  Marcing humbly admitted that they could not do it without God, as no one can. 

Before they left, tears began to drop on Fredie’s eyes.  Marcing calls it, “tears of joy!”    No more curses and bad mouth words were heard since they returned.  Freddie thanks them and told them that they have done something no religious visitor or any of his family members have done.  Because of their action, Freddie accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior although no sermon or preaching has been spoken.  No religion was discussed either.  As I said earlier, the three young men were only rdinary young people and they were just on their early 20s then.  

Minutes passed and they said good bye.  Upon leaving the area, it was only then they noticed that there were people watching them all they long.   Marcing said that although they differ in status and religion, you will see in the eyes of the people their respect and amazement.  

Three days later, their companion Boy had a dream that Freddie died already.  It was confirmed so they visited.  Marcing remembers that they saw the people who are there especially the wife and family members could not stare at them in shame.  They could not believe they were that known and respected.  Although no clapping was done, the warm appreciations in the eyes people were obvious.  And though no preaching was made, the people believed because “kind action” and “sacrificial demonstration” speaks louder than any religious teaching.  Truly, in many cases God is glorified and is made known because someone demonstrates his faith in sincere action, personal testimony and simple act of kindness.  This I believed is the best kind of love. 

Note:  Marcing is now Pastor Marcing Prim. His wife’s name is Carmen they have one son.   They moved to another area but still within Cavite Philippines.  Ptr. Marcing is currently pastoring a Church to where he and his family settled (his church is affiliated to In Christ We Live Family Christian Center), where most of the attendees were poor fisher folks and farmers.  If anyone wishes to contact him, you may request of his contact details to my e-mail: 

Cavite Philippines is the same province where the 2009 CNN hero Efren Penaflorida also settled  and serve (same with recent Nobel Peace Prize finalist who educate poor Filipinos about their rights).


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