Greener Pasteur

If Middle East has black gold, Philippines has untapped “green gold.” It can be found in almost any backyard and places in the Philippines. It is called “Moringa”  (popularly known as “malunggay” in the Philippines and “moringa oleifera” to many parts of the world).   It’s just one of Philippines rich natural resources but requires foreign investment and futher research to untapped its hidden potentials. 

Moringa is being called a “mirracle tree” due to its rich nutritional value. 

Further more, its other tree parts has its usage highly demanded in the organic and biofuel market: 


  • Human Food
  • Medicine


  • Edible Oil
  • Cosmetics and Skin care raw materials
  • Perfume
  • Oil lubricants
  • Water purifier
  • Animal Feeds
  • Fertilizer
  • Medicine


  • Human Food / Cooking Ingredients
  • Natural Fertilizer
  • Medicine
  • Domestic Cleaning Agent



  • Medicine
  • Health Drink

 Roots, Bark and Gum

  • Medicine
  • Alley cropping

Philippines is actually one of the Pioneers of moringa processing.  Secura, a local biotech company, has pioneered in the extraction of oil from the seed of moringa.

The MIT team of ‘business experts’ validated the claim that malunggay oil has the potential of being a major source of biofuel, next to coconut.  A sudy shows that the massive cultivation of massive cultivation of Moringa can produce massive amounts of oil than jatropa and can boost the supply of raw materials needed to produce the amount biofuel needed.  The seed of malunggay is 36 percent oil.  In addition, moringa was also found low in transfatty acid which makes it a better ingredient of personal health care products, alternative cooking oil and fuel oil like what is found in coconuts.

With the fluorishing potentials in moringa trade, further study is needed for its product development and competitiveness to pass global quality standard requirement as what the European and U.S. is doing to vegetable oil.  This is how our desired firm will enter if given the right support and funding by an international investor or funding institutions.  We intend to utilize both foreign and local scientist in collaboration with organic NGO’s.

Just recently, the DA-CARAGA Region has adopted moringa as the chief crop for its “One house, One vegetable” program.  In Manila, the DA-BPO launched its urban farming program dubbed “Malunggay in the City” which encourages the massive planting of malunggay in the backyards of the metropolis. The local biotech company said it is willing to buy malunggay seeds for the production of Moringa oil, requiring at least 500,000 hectares of agricultural land planted to malunggay (excerpt information)

Our Business Plan Proposal is available to interested Investor/Fund Grantee upon request.



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