Jose Rizal

Not many in the world knew who he really was and his unsurpassed achievement during his time.  Hope someday, Hollywood will give justice to Jose Rizal’s  martyrdom in the hands of colonizer Spain by producing his biographical movie.  The world has the right to know!  But unlike other national heroe, Jose Rizal’s fight is a “pen for a gun.”

Would you believe that the life of Jose Rizal is being taught in graduate schools in Singapore? As one Singaporean Indian says, “I am proud of being a South East Asian because of Jose Rizal. WOW!



  1. December 29, 2009 at 7:48 pm

    Have never heard of him, is a movie really being made?

    • Denis said,

      December 31, 2009 at 3:40 am

      Jose Rizal is a Filipino but a well respected one during his time in Germany and in other countries in Europe, Asia and the USA. He is a type of Gandhi but he is the original non-violent liberator with intelects above and beyond his time. You won’t find any national hero in the world nor a President as intelligent and as multi skilled as Jose Rizal. The reason that he is unheard is because he is is a Filipino and the world especially the Europeans and Americans still descrimates the Filipinos till to this day. During their time, Jose Rizal and his filipino friends are maligned by the Spaniards (Philippines was colonized by Spain then). Inspite of the pressures and descrimination, Rizal was given the honor in many countries as Germany and other countries he travelled for his intelect, linguistic skills, etc. His partner friend Juan Luna literally have beaten the whole Europe (perhaps the world) in the field of visual arts through his entry, “Spollarium.” It was a giant painting now hanged at Metropolitan Museum Philippines. At that time when the most of Asian countries is still figuring out the meaning of modern Art, Filipinos are already making waves in Europe and in Asia. Jose Rizal is Philippines National Hero. He died of firing squad by the Spanish conquestador on his time. The world will be inspired of his biography and achievements if given by Hollywood the right movie presentation as what they did with Mohatma Gandhi, William Wallace, and other biographical stories they did in the past.

      Thank you for your comment. Hope prominent Hollywood producers and directors give Jose Rizal’s story a break and a careful look. This is timely as wold now is pointing to Asia. Wheather America and Europe likes it or not, it is now the Asian Century. Hope America support a story of Jose Rizal. I can volunteer to provide more information if my idea is to be welcomed.

      December 30 was the death anniversary of Jose Rizal

  2. December 31, 2009 at 7:06 pm

    thx for the extensive informative answer 🙂
    and those youtube links really helped too. It’s a pitty hollywood is lately more interested in huge profit sci-fi movies than movies that teach people something, I miss the times when cinema was not simply a business.

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