Microsoft Word infringed on someone else’s patents

A federal court ordered Microsoft to stop selling Word in the US.

The selling of Microsoft Word must be widrawn starting January 11, inline with the court’s decision $290 million judgment of a Texas jury saying Word infringed on someone else’s patents.

“We are moving quickly to comply with the injunction,” said Microsoft spokesman Kevin Kutz in a statement issued after the decision.

As released in August of 2009, the decision involves “any Microsoft Word products that have the capability of opening .XML, .DOCX or DOCM files (XML files) containing custom XML,”  as per copy of the injunction.  

The court’s decision also means that Microsoft has an obligation of US$200 million in damages awarded by the jury as well as additional fees and interest.  The total would reach US$290 million.

Quote:  Microsoft spokesperson said that it planned to remove the feature from all copies of Microsoft Word 2007 that will be sold on or after January 11, 2010. Prior copies of Word 2007 are not affected by the injunction, and Word 2010 is being designed without the infringing technology, the company said. Unqute.

Nonetheless, Microsoft is considering their legal options.

The patent in this case, No. 5,787,449, was issued in July 1998.


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