How to make a Procurement Manual?

There are given outline already, provided by known companies and institution.  You just need to modify in accordance to company set-up.  Same with admin and other department, there are consultancy firms that offer effective systems and procedure fits to every type of business (e.g. SAP, etc.) 


Section I:      Conflict of Interest, Code of Ethics, Minority Business Enterprise 

  • Conflict of Interest
  • Code of Ethics
  • Minority Business Enterprise Program 

Section II:     Recommended Purchasing Procedures 

  • The Requisition/Purchase Order
  • Attachment A
  • Purchase Order Guidelines
  • Invoice Processing
  • Taxes and Exemptions
  • Purchasing Radioisotopes
  • Purchasing Tax-Free Alcohol
  • Purchasing Controlled Substances (Narcotics)
  • Purchasing Needles and Syringes
  • Duty-Free Entry for Scientific Equipment 

Section III:   Guidelines on Purchasing Practices 

  • Selecting Qualified Vendors
  • Preparing and Evaluating a Bid
  • Negotiation Techniques
  • Equipment Maintenance and Service Agreements
  • Purchasing Capital Equipment
  • Receiving Purchases
  • Managing Vendor Relationships 

Section IV:    Federal Procurement Requirements 

  • Overview of Federal Procurement Requirements
  • Purchasing with Contract Funds
  • Federal Acquisition Regulation
  • Purchasing with Grant Funds
  • Office of Management and Budget Circular A-110
  • Subcontracting Plans for Small and Small Disadvantaged Businesses
  • Debarment

Section V:      Federal Procurement Reporting Policy

  • Procedures for Reporting Purchasing Accomplishments under Federal Contracts

Section VI:    Additional Resources

  • Personal Purchases
  • Credit Applications and References
  • Standing and Blanket Purchase Orders

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